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Top metrics

Time and cost savings through integrated repair and workshop processes

Digitized fine management

Data analysis to support decision-making processes


  • Digital and integrated workshop assignment 
  • Standardization and transparency in the event of fines 
  • Intelligent document management


Acceleration of repair and workshop processing as well as centralization of fines and administrative offenses 

The Münster start-up flaschenpost SE sees itself both as a logistics and digital company. Founded in 2016, the company currently has 23 locations in Germany and guarantees drinks delivery to the door within 120 minutes. The flaschenpost SE has grown rapidly within a few years, which is also reflected in the size of the fleet. The company started with 40 vehicles in Münster only, and in the end of 2020 the whole fleet included 1.500 delivery vehicles and 100 company cars already. Until early 2020, the fleet was managed using Excel spreadsheets. The time required by the four-member fleet management team was enormous.

Fleet manager Stephan Zech’s decision in favor of a fleet management software was mainly dependent on two conditions. On the one hand, the solution should be tailored to the rapid growth of the fleet and the workshop visits that would inevitably accompany it, and on the other hand, the fines that had previously been managed decentrally at the individual locations had to be digitized and consolidated. “It is important for us that we can react immediately at each new location,“ explains Stephan Zech. “This is especially true for damage and maintenance. The entire process - from repair reception to workshop order - must support the workflow of flaschenpost SE“.


Intelligent data integration and OCR 

The agile fleet management platform from Avrios considerably simplifies and accelerates the processes for the flaschenpost SE. The basis for this is the ability to have completely digital data integration. All data is updated automatically and can be retrieved and evaluated in real-time, even when mobile. This simplifies the entire workshop process. Using the vehicle data and damage patterns, Stephan Zech can not only filter out the best workshop in any case of damage but can also make decisions very quickly. “If we have a very high demand for vehicles, I may be able to postpone maintenance or combine minor repairs with the next maintenance, all of which reduces downtimes, saves time and ultimately also lowers costs“. 

In the past, the administration of fines represented a major problem for the company. With around 7,000 drivers alternating with 1,500 vehicles, not only was the fine rate very high, but also the administration of these was extremely time-consuming. 

The solution in this case was called OCR technology. Incoming tickets are now automatically read out and integrated into the platform. “Thanks to centralization and standardization, this area is completely transparent. It was important to us that data protection is 100 percent adhered to, and that is the case with Avrios,“ emphasizes fleet manager Stephan Zech. 


Document management and data analysis 

Avrios makes analysis easier. This applies above all to document management. All relevant information and data from leasing and insurance contracts are available to Stephan Zech at any time at one click. 

Anomalies or cost drivers and thus savings potentials can be identified immediately. 

Risk management is an important topic in all fleets. Stephan Zech and his team also use the possibilities of the platform in this case. Information on individual vehicles is regularly called up and evaluated. “We take a look at which vehicles have reversing cameras or park distance control, for example, and how high the damage quota of individual vehicles is. Based on the data, I can decide whether and which assistance system is useful or not“. 

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flaschenpost SE



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about 7,500, thereof 7,000 drivers

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