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Time-saving by switching from paper-based to software solution

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Introduction of electronic driver license control


  • Reduction of administrative costs 
  • Transparency of fleet costs 
  • Ensurement of fleet compliance


Cost control and compliance with legal obligations 

TeeGschwendner is the market leader in tea retailing with 123 shops in Germany and offers a high-quality and varied range of tea. An online shop complements the sales concept. 

With 20 company cars, the Meckenheim-based company has a rather small fleet of vehicles, which was only gradually growing. In the past, the documents relating to the vehicles were traditionally kept in file folders. In addition to the vehicle and driver data, these files included leasing contracts, workshop invoices, and damage and insurance claims.

This was particularly true in relation to the mileage of the leased vehicles.

But there was also a need for action on the issue of liability. Michael Blank was looking for a legally compliant solution for the required driver’s license checks which would involve as little effort as possible for him and the drivers.


Digitalisation of data and thus cost control 

TeeGschwendner has been using the Avrios fleet management platform since 2019. All master data on vehicles and drivers is now available in digital form. Newly added data such as invoices or claims are automatically assigned to the respective vehicle. All data can be called up at any time in real-time and is clearly arranged - an enormous gain in time compared to paper-based documentation. All leasing partner data has also been integrated into the platform and supplemented with fuel cards. In this way, reports and statements can be made about individual cost centres as well as the total costs of a vehicle. 

The platform solution enables Michael Blank to have complete control over the costs of the fleet. Also, it offers analysis and calculation options, for example for special repairs, operating costs, and leasing offers. 

Data transparency and ensurement of fleet compliance 

The driver data once collected and integrated, also provides compliance support. Within the platform, TeeGschwendner uses the tool for electronic driver‘s license control. The regular check of the driving license is an essential part of the company’s liability. 

The recurring bi-annual check is stored in the master data. The drivers are automatically requested by e-mail to take a picture of their driving license with their smartphone. The image is then assigned to the respective digital driver‘s file. The check and the date are thus documented and can be verified at any time. 

For Michael Blank, the time effort for the legally required driver‘s license check is therefore extremely low. Nevertheless, he has maximum transparency. He can track the status of the checks at any time and is automatically informed in case of a delay. 

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