Thermondo GmbH

Top metrics

40% reduction of administrative effort

Full cost control thanks to analysis options in the tool

20% savings per damage when placing orders via Avrios Marketplace


  • Reduction of administrative work 
  • Early detection of cost outliers 
  • Savings on repairs


Cost control and savings on repairs 

The Berlin company Thermondo arranges, plans and installs heating systems across Germany. The company focuses on environmentally friendly and efficient heating technologies such as condensing boilers, solar thermal systems and service water heat pumps. Thermondo works together with well-known manufacturers. The heaters themselves can be rented or purchased.

The company, founded in 2012, has grown rapidly in the past few years. At the same time, the number of vehicles in the fleet has increased from 3 to now 190 vehicles. For 2021, fleet manager David Jänsch plans to purchase an additional 30 vehicles, mainly vans. 

The decision in favour of the Avrios fleet management platform was the first step towards reducing the enormous administrative effort and speeding up processes - especially in the event of damages. The next step for David Jänsch was to get a better overview of the costs and identify potential savings.


Analysis options in the tool and order placement via the Avrios Marketplace 

To get a complete and detailed cost overview, David Jänsch used the analysis and reporting function in Avrios. On the basis of the integrated and automated data from vehicle and damage files, processes and costs can be easily compared with only one click. For David Jänsch, it confirmed that there were large differences in costs, especially for damage repairs.

The structure and principle of the Avrios Marketplace convinced David Jänsch right away. For the integrated online marketplace Avrios uses a nationwide network of workshops and garages in Germany. All of the more than 2,000 workshops are certified vehicle master craftsmen and specialist companies. Avrios customers such as Thermondo receive up to three repair offers for each damage that is submitted. Orders and appointments are also made digitally and thus save time. 

Since Thermondo has been using the Avrios Marketplace for damage repairs, the company has saved an average of 20% in costs per damage. David Jänsch therefore wants to continue using the Avrios Marketplace and to benefit from the savings potential resulting from the transparency and comparison of different repair offers. 


Data integration and thus time savings in managing the fleet 

The Thermondo fleet of currently 190 vehicles is rapidly continuing to expand even more. By using the fleet management platform, the pure administrative effort of fleet manager David Jänsch has been reduced by 40%. At the same time, he has full control of the costs due to analysing and reporting the integrated data. 

The digital damage file, which automatically links vehicle and driver data in the event of damage, pays off twice. It is not only the prerequisite for quick processing, but also the basis for preliminary repair quotes via the Avrios Marketplace. 

An important element is pictures with digital markings, which the driver of the accident vehicle uploads to the platform. Together with further details on the accident, they form the digital claims file. And David Jänsch uses this, in turn, to request repair offers via the Avrios Marketplace. 

All data relevant for a quote is automatically inserted. Detailed repair requests are posted with one click, thus enabling exact comparisons. The required time is kept to a minimum. 

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Thermondo GmbH



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Heating installation sector

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