Automate compliance

Stay on the right side of the law with automatic compliance. Handle driver training, licence checks, fine management, and more.

Avrios has all the relevant tools you need to stay compliant. Fleet compliance has never been so easy. Manage and audit your data all in one place.

Electronic driver’s licence check

A big part of maintaining fleet compliance involves checking driver’s licences. Avrios does this digitally and quickly, plus drivers can carry out checks no matter any time or location. It’s the most convenient way to meet obligations and reduce risks.

Driver training

We offer online driver training, designed to meet the regulations in Germany according to UVV. The course is certified for the relevant authorities, covering everything required by law. And best of all, your drivers can do it any time, any place, to fit around their work.

Fine management

You can’t avoid fines, but Avrios makes them easier to manage. Replace a tiresome manual process with a digital process that reads out fines automatically and lets you communicate with drivers and authorities. Track fines on a regular basis and spot potential risks among drivers.

Fleet compliance in three easy stepsElectronic driver’s license check

Step 1

Driver takes a photo of their licence and uploads it on their smartphone.

Step 2

Driver takes a photo of their licence and uploads it on their smartphone.

Step 3

Fleet manager checks the licence and approves it.

Auto vor Laptop

Step 1

Driver receives a notification to take the online training and test.

Mobiltelefon mit Nachrichten

Step 2

Driver completes training, including a 5-minute call with the fleet manager to cover additional aspects.


Step 3

Training, test, and phone call are automatically documented in Avrios, and the driver receives a certificate. The system schedules the next training.


Step 1

Fleet manager receives the fine, and Avrios reads out the details automatically.


Step 2

Fleet manager forwards the fine to either the authorities or drivers for further handling.

Statistik mit Lupe

Step 3

Tracking, monitoring, and identifying potential risks take place all at once.

The electronic driver‘s license check is a simple and time-saving tool, both for the drivers and for me as the responsible person.

Michael Blank

Controlling, TeeGschwendner


Why do I have to check my fleet’s drivers’ licences?

As part of the owner’s legal responsibilities, many countries legally oblige employers to control the licences of employees who drive their vehicles. Non-compliance can lead to businesses and fleet managers facing civil action or criminal charges.

How often do I need to check driver’s licences?

It depends on the country. For example, Germany has no legal requirement for the frequency of driver’s licence checks, but we recommend checks twice a year to reduce risk. In some cases where drivers are at higher risk of losing their licence or for pool vehicles, more frequent checks might be necessary.

Who is responsible for checking driver’s licences?

As the owner of vehicles, the company’s management is generally responsible for checking driver’s licences. They can delegate this responsibility to fleet managers, but must still ensure the checks are done properly, and remain liable if they’re not.

Why do I need to ensure the drivers n my company undergo driver training?

In many countries, such as Germany, training for fleet drivers is mandatory. Businesses and fleet managers need to make sure drivers are trained to drive safely, and that they understand their training.

Is Avrios driver training certified and up to date?

Yes. For example, in Germany, our training is DGUV-certified and updated regularly. You don’t need to worry about any updates. We do it for you.

How does fleet compliance with Avrios differ from other suppliers?

Avrios is built to make all fleet compliance tasks as easy as possible. We’ve integrated them into the overall management of the fleet, including automated tasks, notifications and reminders to keep track of all necessary appointments for cars and drivers. Licence checks and driver training are designed to work remotely. Drivers can complete them online, wherever they are, at any time. You don’t need any extra hardware, such as RFID tags. And there are no other apps for your drivers to install. The checks and training works with any smartphone or internet browser.

How does Avrios work with data privacy?

We developed Avrios with data protection in mind, ensuring it complies with regulations.