Strengthen processes and workflows

Automate and digitise key tasks and spend more time on strategic business decisions.

With most vehicle fleet processes, there’s no room for errors or missed deadlines. Avrios is built to remind you of every task and to help you complete them quickly and correctly.

Manage damages effortlessly

Avrios saves time and effort managing vehicle damage. From accident reports to repair quotes, all data and communications are in one digital file for easy export and communication with suppliers and for insurance decisions. Spot patterns and act accordingly. For example, if parking damages increase, install parking-assistant systems to reduce damage cases and lower insurance premiums.

More about damage management

Manage procurement

Our software digitises the procurement process to give full visibility of all offers and quotes. Being in one place, it’s easy to compare and store historical usage data to inform buying or leasing decisions. Financing is the biggest cost for most fleets so having all the facts brings considerable savings.

Manage your tasks

With Avrios, you can set automatic reminders for all kinds of fleet-related activities, from vehicle inspections to driver’s licence checks, ensuring you never miss anything critical with your fleet.

Avrios takes the effort out of vehicle fleet processes

Time-efficient processes

Gather and share relevant information with your team in just a few clicks, and handle all tasks as efficiently as possible.

Full visibility with real-time data in one place

Always up to date, always deep in the data. Make every decision with the certainty of full information.

Keep every date, meet every deadline

Services, checks, tyre changes. Whatever deadlines you manage, Avrios reminds you automatically.