Top metrics

Efficient damage recording and processing via Avrios

Placing of repair orders via the Avrios Marketplace

Savings on average of 30% per repair


  • Fast repair in the event of a damage 
  • More transparency in repair offers 
  • Savings on repairs


Cost reduction in the fleet 

Südpack offers film solutions for various applications and products. These include highly sensitive food and non-food, and technical products as well as medical sterile packaging. Due to the different applications, Südpack has a large and broad customer base. 

For fleet and damage management, the company has been using the Avrios fleet management platform since 2017. Through the automation and integration of all vehicle data, Südpack has been able to simplify and optimize its processes significantly ever since. 

Data has in addition shown various ways to save costs for the fleet manager Dominik Wörner. Reporting and the data-driven evaluation of workshop costs showed that above all the repair costs for damages were too high. 

In the past, Südpack had worked on damage repairs together with authorised workshops. Their order confirmations and invoices were often not very transparent, also due to stuck structures and processes on all sides. Orders for necessary repairs were directly placed to the respective contractual partner and for the sake of time, there often was no comparison between different workshops and quotes. 


Quotes and order placement via Avrios Marketplace 

Starting in April 2020, Avrios customers have been able to request quotes for damage repairs from various workshops via the purchasing platform Avrios Marketplace. In case of a convincing offer, the customer can place the order digitally. Avrios Marketplace uses a broad and nationwide network of workshops in Germany. If in exceptional cases the workshop is a little further away, pick-up and delivery is available as well. All of the more than 2 000 workshops are certified motor vehicle master craftsmen and specialist companies, and quotes are available for all damage types except glass and motor. 

The platform offers the necessary comparability and overview to find the best offer and method of repair. Südpack also benefits from the conditions offered by the purchasing platform. By bundling the purchasing power of more than 1,000 managed fleets at Avrios and the easy comparability of offers, savings of on average of 30% is the rule even with individual repairs. 


Time saving, transparency and savings 

The Marketplace is available as an integrated part of the fleet management platform. The digital damage file, which automatically links vehicle and driver data in the event of a damage, is an essential feature of Avrios. Fleet managers thus always have the complete overview and can access all data from anywhere and at any time. 

Südpack now uses the damage data from digital damage reports to get quotes via the Marketplace. This includes pictures with digital markings which the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident has uploaded. All relevant data, which is required for a repair offer, is recorded automatically. Fleet Manager Dominik Wörner can now decide whether a particular damage should be repaired based on the processed damage data. He then requests repairs offers with one click. The next steps then are as easy as that: accepting and placing the offer and arranging the appointment. 

For Dominik Wörner, the placement of orders via the Marketplace does not only mean an enormous saving of time but also transparency. Services and repairs offers are clearly displayed and can directly be compared with each other. 

Südpack Fleet Manager Dominik Wörner was one of the first Avrios customers to use the integrated online marketplace. The order placements via the purchasing platform paid off immediately. In one case the company saved 1,650 euros, in another case it were 500 euros compared to the offer from the workshop they used to work with. 

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