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25-30% less effort and time savings

Daily cost control with fully automated processes

Simple integration of new vehicles into the existing platform


  • Automation
  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Management of fleet growth


Control of the fast-growing fleet

Since 1997, Aquaservice has been the leading company in Spain for the distribution of natural mineral water and soft drinks with dispensers. The company supplies both corporate and private customers. In total, Aquaservice supplies more than 1.5 million people with fresh water every day (approx. 350,000 customers).

The company is on a growth path. Thus revenue increased by 25 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. This is also impacting fleet size. In 2019 alone, 120 new vehicles were added. For 2020, the acquisition of additional vans is planned. The entire fleet consists of leased vehicles. In the past, the entire fleet was managed with an Excel spreadsheet. More than 20,000 lines contained a huge amount of data. The error rate was high, also because each entry had to be done manually. 

The lack of transparency and overview made it difficult to control the fleet. There was no allocation, neither of the individual vehicles nor their costs. Therefore, a solution had to be found in order not to jeopardize the further growth of the company and the fleet.


Analysis tools and automated data integration

The fleet management platform from Avrios significantly reduces workload and makes fleet control of the fleet easy for Aquaservice. The biggest time savings come from the automated uploads of invoices as well as the data capturing. Newly added vehicles can be easily integrated into the existing platform. Aquaservice currently has approx. 1,000 vehicles of various types (vans, trucks, etc.), including 112 hybrid vehicles.

Personalized reporting in Avrios provides a daily overview of the true costs of the fleet. TCO reports can be used to identify cost drivers and measures can be taken to reduce costs. The data that can be accessed via the platform is the basis for negotiations with leasing companies and provides good arguments thanks to the analysis tools.

With the help of Avrios, only two employees manage the fleet - without any external support. This means that despite the company's rapid growth, the size of the team has remained the same. 


Improved route planning reduces fuel costs

Sustainability is an important topic for Aquaservice. The company has set itself the goal for carbon neutrality and is involved in mobility concepts in sustainable cities. Aquaservice already has the largest hybrid fleet of delivery vehicles in Spain and the second largest in Europe. In this way they have succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 20 percent. In the medium run, the entire fleet is to be transformed into electric vehicles. The first electric cars are already in use.

With automated data and analysis tools, Avrios supports Aquaservice to achieve its sustainability goals. The costs and benefits of an environmentally friendly fleet can be calculated and incorporated into decision-making processes. 

Better route planning is possible through the introduction of the platform. This means lower fuel consumption and therefore lower costs. The environment also benefits. The shorter and more effective the transport routes, the better the CO2 balance.

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Valencia, Spain


Drinking water/water dispenser

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ca. 1,300

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ca. 1,000 (fast growing fleet)

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