How digital fleet management can help you advance your sustainability goals

This article shows you how digital fleet management can help you further your sustainability goals to meet corporate objectives and also leave a better environment for future generations.

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June 25, 2021

This article shows you how digital fleet management can help you further your sustainability goals to meet corporate objectives and also leave a better environment for future generations.

Sustainability in the mobility industry

The next few years are crucial for the future of the next generations, especially when it comes to climate change mitigation and the environment. That's why this year, the United Nations has designated the coming decade as the Decade of Action to increase efforts for greater sustainability. This is also noticeable in the mobility industry, where the focus is increasingly on sustainability goals for more environmental protection. Especially in the area of CO2 emissions, alternative drives, and the development of electric cars, a lot has happened in recent years.

Based on statistics from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany, there were already around 60 electric vehicle models from German manufacturers on the market last year, which could be supplied with electricity at around 24,000 publicly accessible charging points. This year, there are already 309,100 registered e-cars on the roads, an increase of 126%.

But that's still not nearly enough to meet long-term sustainability goals. So what can you do in your fleet to achieve sustainability? And how can efficient digital fleet management help you here? We show you how.

Transparent overview of your fleet's consumption

To drive sustainability in your fleet, it is important that you know the consumption of your vehicles. With Avrios fleet management, you can get a complete and transparent overview of fleet consumption and make important decisions. If you want to make your fleet greener, one option is to focus on fuel-efficient cars or alternative drives.

This is often also where the most potential savings in fuel or even CO2 emission taxes can be made. You can manage all of this with the Avrios platform and always have a good overview and the best offers for your fleet. You can easily see your progress regarding the sustainability of your fleet with digital fleet management. Through detailed reports, you can analyze the CO2 emissions of your fleet, for example. This enables you to quantify not only the monetary costs but also the ecological costs and thus determine your true fleet costs (True Cost of Ownership).

Find more tips on future-proof fleet management here.

Further fuel savings through sustainable fleet management offers

In addition, you can also reduce fuel consumption in other ways and thus not only reduce CO2 emissions but also save costs. For example, by choosing the right tires, such as low rolling resistance tires, you can cut half a liter of gasoline per 100 kilometers. You can also save more fuel by using the right tire pressure and low-friction oils, thus positively impacting the environment.

For efficient fleet management, you can use the Avrios Marketplace on our platform. Here you can also get the best deals on tire packages that can help you achieve your sustainability goals. You can also analyze and manage the overview of your fuel savings in real-time in Avrios.

Read more about the Avrios Marketplace here.

Integrating e-vehicles for your fleet

The trend in fleets is more and more towards e-vehicles and we at Avrios have already noticed that more and more of our customers are turning to e-mobility for their fleets.

However, in order to enable an economic consideration here and to see how the procurement of e-cars affects the overall costs but also the sustainability of the fleet, it helps to get a transparent overview of the total cost of ownership. In addition, subsidies and tax aspects are also important for comparing e-mobility with conventional drives. The simulation and cost comparison should also be carried out for comparable vehicle models and on the basis of a defined driving profile, i.e. how many kilometers, how long is the running time, which routes are usually driven.

From paper and Excel to digital fleet management

Last but not least, you can contribute to a better environment by switching from paper and Excel to digital fleet management. Did you know that Germany consumes about 240 kilograms of paper per year per capita? Almost half of this consumption goes to printing and office paper (about 38%). If that's not another good reason to switch to digital fleet management software.

The benefits of digital fleet management are:

Better control of all fleet costs
Real-time reports
Control of the sustainability of the fleet
Automation of all processes
Reduction of effort

Does this sound interesting? Then join our Avrios community and sign up for the free Avrios Essentials account here.