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Avrios is quick and easy to set up and is tailored to meet your specific goals and business transformation objectives

Digital innovation​

Fleet management innovation can play an important role in the digital transformation of your business. Having the most up-to-date software platform can help you to future-proof your department and help drive strategic business value.

Optimised performance

Many fleets these days are being managed sub-optimally due to a lack of centralised data, productivity tools and reporting capabilities. Our expert team can help you to transform your fleet operations and take back control of your fleet costs.

Strategic value

By implementing our fleet management platform, the potential you have to add strategic value to your business is enormous. Whether you want to streamline your communications and automate your administration or focus on actual costs to help drive the best procurement deals, our team is on hand to help.

Best practices

Implementing leading industry best practices will allow you to reduce costs, save time, ensure compliance and safeguard driver security. Our ongoing support system will help you to transform your fleet management operations and apply the latest professional practices – all at a pace that fits the needs of your organisation.

Implementation could not have been easier

Jonathan Riegel

“Once the decision to implement Avrios was made, everything happened very quickly and our account was activated and usable within a few days.”

Jonathan Riegel
Chief Information Officer, Kasto

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