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For more than 20 years, DBU Facility Services AG has been committed to providing professional and comprehensive facility services. From facility management to building technology and the maintenance of green areas and the cleaning of buildings, 260 employees provide high-quality and resource-saving care for real estate in the greater Zurich area.

The company's fleet consists of around 100 vehicles. To manage this efficiently, DBU relies on the cloud-based fleet management platform from Avrios.

Different vehicles for different purposes

The operational vehicles of the employees reflect DBU's different areas of expertise: 

Facility managers have vans at their disposal to transport their tools as well as various materials and supplies for cleaning buildings. Employees who maintain green areas usually drive pickup trucks, which are also used to carry gravel, earth, slabs and stones. Technicians transport spare parts and tools to the job site.

For each of these vehicles, a lot of different information is generated every day, be it workshop invoices, fuel receipts or mileage data. Before having started with the new solution, this information was difficulty collected by hand, stored in complicated, extensive Excel spreadsheets and managed with the help of complex formulas.

This not only made it more and more complicated to manage the fleet. The data was also not always up to date and the entire administration process was very prone to errors. In the end, the Excel spreadsheets became so complex that only one employee in the entire company was able to maintain them.


Avrios was already convincing in the test phase

DBU therefore wanted to find a software-based solution that would help automate the management of the company fleet. “With Avrios, we found what we were looking for very quickly," says Rolf Müller, Technical Business Manager at DBU Facility Services AG. "Already in the test phase we were convinced that the solution met all our requirements. We therefore did not even test any other product from other providers." 

The implementation went quickly and without any problems, Rolf Müller recalls. "With Avrios for the first time we have a simple and functioning information unit in which we can store all data. Our vehicles are given a history. We can tell at any time when a car was purchased, what damage it had, and when it was driven by which employee. And we can break down the costs very easily for our different departments," says a satisfied Rolf Müller and adds: 


Investment decisions based on current data

The required data can be retrieved in a very short time and viewed on the basis of different parameters. "We regularly take a close look at how the individual vehicles have developed: How much fuel do they need? Are there outliers or are they getting on in years? On this basis, we then make the decision whether to keep them in the fleet and how many and which vehicle types to purchase in the coming year. To do this, we no longer need to start complex processes in the accounting department, but draw our conclusions on the basis of the data," says Rolf Müller.

In the meantime, eight people work with Avrios. "We particularly appreciate that all fleet data from many sources are brought together without us having to check everything manually.” Now that the data is no longer kept in an Excel list but in a database, several employees can work with it at the same time.

Faster, more intuitive, more up-to-date

By consolidating the data, DBU saves both time and money with its fleet management.

"We have reduced the time and effort required for of our vehicles by half," says a satisfied Rolf Müller. "We no longer have to run back and forth across the company to gather all the information from different sources. Today we can simply look into the system and find all the information with one click. Unpopular tasks, such as the creation of new vehicles, are no longer postponed and take exactly half as long as they used to. Our data is always up to date."

One particularly time-consuming activity before the introduction of the Avrios platform was the management of fuel cards. With the fuel card module, it is now very easy to assign cards to drivers or vehicles very easily, invoice data is automatically imported and potential problems are identified quickly. Via the damage module all information on a specific damage case can be consolidated for damage documentation, repair quotes, and until settlement with the insurance company. With that, Avrios makes it possible to review case histories and analyze damage patterns and trends to reduce insurance costs and improve driver safety. "All in all, we are satisfied all around", Rolf Müller sums up.

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