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CHF 200,000 (€180,000) cost savings

Centralization of all fleet data after fleet growth through merger

Automation of all processes including Multi-Bidding processes


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Consolidating all fleet data and process automation

MeierTobler AG, a building technology specialist from Switzerland that was founded in 2018 through the merger of the companies Walter Meier and Tobler Haustechnik. The company is primarily active in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning market, and as a result of the merger, Meier Tobler now has a fleet of around 750 vehicles. 

Even before the merger, Walter Meier was looking for a new fleet management solution. The fleet data was decentralized. Vehicle administration and damage management data was stored in two different databases, while an Excel file contained data regarding vehicle orders and returns. All this information had to be transferred to a central and convenient data management system to simplify internal processes. Leasing providers also had to be reduced to two, and a Multi-Bidding process needed to be introduced. Ultimately, the goal was to simplify, optimise, and automate processes, all while creating transparency, identifying potential savings, and reducing and predicting costs.


Avrios creates data transparency and data accessibility 

MeierTobler relies on the Avrios fleet management platform to manage and optimize its fleet. The new solution established a consistent data structure, resulting in a complete overview of the fleet data. The result is a complete overview of the fleet data. It is stored in one system, and that allows control over processes, from the order to the return of the vehicles. 

Avrios also ensures future planning: the solution can be adapted to fleet growth and thus enables a long-term increase in efficiency in fleet management. With only three employees, the consolidated data of 750 vehicles can be processed centrally with significantly less work and communication. The fleet management team can use Avrios, for example, to access reliable and up to date data status via smartphone, simplifying many workshops and internal coordination processes, and ensuring that data can be processed independently of staff absences. 

After the implementation of Avrios, MeierTobler established a Multi-Bidding process with two leasing providers. This began with the Avrios vehicle return report. It identifies vehicles that need to be replaced due to expiring leasing contracts or for economic reasons. New orders are created in Avrios via the Procurements function right from the start. In the procurement file, all documents, from the quote request to the vehicle registration, run together digitally and centrally. At the same time, conversations with drivers, car dealers or lessors can be held directly in the platform from the procurement stage. 


Multi-Bidding and aggregated data save costs 

The digitalisation not only enables an automated recording of all vehicle and contract data but also simplifies the decision for the best offer. The information is combined and made comparable. The procedure was successful: newly concluded leasing contracts are significantly cheaper than before. 

The implementation of Avrios made it possible to monitor vehicle mileage according to the leasing contract. The required data is automatically aggregated from various sources - such as fuel bills or drivers- and can thus be compared with the contract figures. Deviations of the planned mileages from the actual values are easily recognizable.

For MeierTobler, this system is another major advantage: «Leasing contracts can be adjusted in advance to avoid additional costs when leasing vehicles are returned. This function enabled more precise cost planning for the entire fleet and annual savings of around CHF 200,000 (€180,000). 

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