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Identify your biggest cost drivers

Avrios consolidates your cost information and allows you to effectively manage your fleet operations and secure the very best deals

Reduced costs

Vehicle leasing, insurance and damages alone can make up over half of your fleet operations costs – and traditionally, these costs have been virtually unmanageable. Taking control of your costs with centralised data and predictive reports is the first step to proactively and systematically reducing them.

Smarter decisions

Without a comprehensive set of data, uncovering cost saving insights is almost impossible. To effectively control your costs, you need to combine the richest information – enabled by automated data entry – with the best automated analysis tool. This ensures you will make the smartest decision every time.

Decreased complexity

Professionally managing a fleet – whether it’s a large or small one – can be a very complicated business, but implementing industry best practices can help to reduce the complexity. We’ve built leading best practices right into the Avrios fleet management platform so you can confidently and effortlessly control your costs.

Improved control

Fleet management can be a very time-consuming business which is why many firms choose to work with only those business partners that manage their fleet data for them – like leasing companies.  Avrios manages all your data, so you are free to work with the partners of your choice, the ones that provide you with the best service at the best cost. Once data processing is automated with Avrios, your fleet administration will be so efficient that you can even efficiently pursue a multi-supplier procurement strategy to optimize your supplier structure.

Achieving complete control of fleet costs

Jonathan Riegel

“With Avrios, we can now visualise all our fleet-related costs in one integrated platform. Cost irregularities and vehicle damage can be analysed quickly and easily, either directly in the vehicle file or via a dedicated report.”

Jonathan Riegel
Chief Information Officer, Kasto

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