7 tips on how to optimise working from home with Avrios!

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March 15, 2021

One year ago, if someone had told us that we would have to work from home for more than a month, it would have seemed crazy. Today, because of the current situation, it is a reality: all professional activities, where possible, must be done from home. For many of us, this is a new challenge, so here are 7 tips to help you in working from home and supporting cross team working.
Avrios supports you, whether you’re in the office, in your living room or in the back garden.

1. How can I keep my team up to date on the fleet situation?

It’s all a bit strange when you suddenly can’t see your colleagues anymore, isn’t it? But you can still keep them up to date, through the comment function! In the Avrios platform you can comment on vehicles, drivers, damage, etc… – this way all your colleagues are informed about what’s happening to the fleet.

2. How to divide the tasks?

You can’t just wander over to your colleague’s desk to leave a post-it note as a reminder of an upcoming task. So how do you keep people informed about important dates relating to a vehicle? Simple, just create a task in Avrios and assign them to a colleague or one of your drivers and include a reminder. This way nothing can be forgotten. Reminders can also be sent by email to one or more people.

3. Easily Manage damages

Even if there are not many cars about at the moment, accidents still happen – not a fleet manager’s favourite event. Avrios allows you to record the damage, add the repair invoice and any insurance-related documents. You can create tasks and comments so you don’t forget anything and keep your colleagues informed about what is happening.

4. Analysis of the fleet

Even if your car fleet is parked up or only some vehicles are being used, it is likely that analysis and reporting will still be required. Avrios’ report function allows you to create flexible and customised reports you can share with colleagues.

5. More people and more collaboration in your fleet management

In the dashboard you can see the current data and all important information such as vehicle mileage or financing contracts. This means that everyone can always see if there is any missing or outdated data, and complete it to keep your fleet up to date and make reliable assessments.

6. Simple procurement process

Communication with car dealerships and leasing partners can mean several phone calls and e-mails until all offers have been collected, compared and the final decision has been made. With the procurement function, you can communicate with your partners directly from Avrios, so you no longer need to forward emails or download or copy content. The offers received are collated and compared for you so that you can always choose the best offer. And everyone in the team can keep track of when a vehicle is delivered.

7. We’re here for you!

The Avrios team is always with you! It is not enough to provide you with just software. We are always there to support you in your work and daily Fleet related challenges. You can reach us via chat, e-mail or telephone! We have real people waiting to help