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Fleet management within companies has often been seen as a side task or a subset of a task within another role. But as time has moved forwards and companies have more and more vehicles to manage within a fleet the job of a fleet manager has become even more important.

March 28, 2021

This job often requires a lot of data entry and manual administration which can be very time consuming and repetitive. Fortunately now there is specific fleet management software to help deal with fleet management. So you can automate key processes and report on data within your fleet as easily as with a few clicks.

The advantage of fleet management software is that not only does it allow you to automate more tasks but it can also help you save money. By removing the need for multiple data points and excel spreadsheets you can see all of your fleet information in one place. This is crucial when looking for outliers such as high fuel consumption or overpriced leasing agreements. This will aid you in also making key business decisions such as do you buy your company vehicles vs leasing them or which fuel cards are best?

Alongside vehicle maintenance and general administration it is important to have a clear and easy way to interact with your drivers around key tasks such as driver license checking and insurance. Fleet Compliance is incredibly important within a fleet manager’s job as getting this wrong could risk fines and law action if essential regulations are not followed.

Fleet Management is a term often used to refer to various types of mobility management within a business. Vehicles can range from companies cars, trucks to shipping fleets. Finding the right software depends on the needs within your business. It’s often best to compare software for their key fleet management features to decide which is the best fleet management software or system for you.

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