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Driver training compliant with the law

The Avrios platform goes way beyond traditional fleet management software and helps to provide the regular driver education required by German law. We make sure that training success is documented and that drivers have a personal conversation with the instructor regarding any potential questions they may have – all the things you need to ensure full compliance.

Save time

Companies must teach their drivers about the dangers of using the vehicles they provide – and this education needs to be provided on a regular basis. Coordinating and holding these training courses can be very time consuming for fleet managers, but with our electronic driver training solution, it couldn’t be easier.

Ensure compliance

Conducting all this driver training can be legally tricky as well as time consuming. That’s why we built the Avrios platform to ensure that the right steps are always followed, and the right content is always provided to ensure you remain fully compliant. We even help you to schedule the classes, provide up to date content, document the training and make sure drivers are taught about specific company-related security risks.

Avoid pitfalls

The law dictates that driver training must happen at regular intervals. But unexpected events such as sickness and planned vacations can make coordinating these classes both complicated and time consuming. And if a deadline gets missed, there can be serious compliance risks to deal with. Avrios schedules your appointments automatically and provides a compliance dashboard so you are always in control – and can avoid personal liability issues for both the senior management and fleet management teams.

Streamline processes

Attending training courses can be very time consuming for drivers too – especially if they all need to gather at one single location at a defined time. With Avrios, we can avoid that problem by providing modern content that can be consumed remotely. More importantly, our system is the only one that can be accessed on any computer or mobile device – making it the most convenient driver training solution available today.

Most popular features

Training management

Our Fleet Manager feature helps you to effectively manage all the training appointments and automatically documents when a driver has successfully completed the course.  For fleet managers to remain compliant with the latest government regulations, they must ensure that drivers are educated about company-specific risks – and we’ve built the Avrios platform to do just that.

Schedule training appointments

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Deliver training courses online

Online learning

With Avrios, driver training could not be easier. Drivers receive an automated notification via email or text when their next class is due. They can access both the training material and the final test remotely on any digital device. More importantly, they can stop and start the course to work at a pace that is right for them.

Compliance dashboard

Both the CEO and fleet management team are personally liable if their processes are insufficient to avoid risks. With our compliance dashboard, that won’t be a problem. We help you to manage that risk and automatically highlight points of escalation.

Remain fully compliant

Centralise all driver data

System integrations

Avrios is a comprehensive Fleet Management Platform so our UVV Driver Training solution is designed to work perfectly with our Driving Licence Control module. This clever integration also allows you to automatically import driver data from your internal HR system, so you have everything you need in one single location. Avrios really is the only fleet management system you will ever need.

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