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Founded in 1904, Mezzacorona S.c.a. is the parent company of the Mezzacorona Group, which consists of 1,600 partner winegrowers. The company uses the most advanced technologies for wine production and works with the utmost attention to the environment and the territory. In a similar manner, Mezzacorona aims at achieving the utmost quality and efficiency of its internal management and production processes. 

It is with this mindset that Cantine Mezzacorona has chosen and implemented Avrios’ platform. Alessandro Gius, the fleet manager as well as the control and administration manager, confirms the high quality of Avrios’ service and his satisfaction regarding the platform implementation process. 


Cantine Mezzacorona’s objective was to optimise the control of all aspects related to the fleet: data, information, communications and, of course, costs. This could be achieved by moving from a manual to a new and more automated fleet management system thanks to a dedicated tool. 


Thanks to Avrios, Cantine Mezzacorona now has a complete overview of its fleet. Information that was previously fragmented and spread through different documents and folders is now complete and stored in one single place, which makes it easily analysable and retrievable. This allows Alessandro Gius to keep costs under control (e.g. fuel costs). Furthermore, he can now easily create cost analyses and reports that he can share with other departments in a few clicks optimising, in this way, the management of the fleet. 

Secondly, Avrios has helped Cantine Mezzacorona to improve the communication between the fleet manager and the drivers who use the company’s cars, as well as with other people managing the fleet in other subsidiaries. Mezzacorona’s fleet is, in fact, divided among different subsidiaries located in two Italian regions: Trentino and Sicily. 

Thanks to Avrios, Alessandro Gius can keep all the fleet-related information and activities under control, without having to constantly ask the contact persons in different locations. Concretely, it now takes him only 5 minutes per week to obtain the historical data of the vehicles that he needs and to communicate with their drivers, making sure that the vehicles have been serviced. Before, it would take him one day. 

A further advantage that makes it easier to manage a dislocated fleet like the one of Mezzacorona is the fact that different people can access the platform and visualise the fleet-related data at the same time from different locations. In this way, the overview on the whole fleet is never lost.

Looking at the future, Alessandro Gius knows which path to undertake in order to keep innovating the company’s processes. 

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Mezzacorona S.c.a.


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Trento, Italy


Agri-food industry (wine sector)

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ca. €188m (2017/2018)