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Futureproof your fleet

Avrios provides great value for fleet managers keen to make improvements that have a lasting impact. Optimise processes, uncover costs and unlock opportunities for growth and efficiency, helping you make gains in the long term.

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Discover what you’re really paying with your fleet

Import and then interrogate your data with Avrios to find out your true cost of ownership – the aggregate of hidden vehicle costs holding your fleet back from increasing efficiency and driving innovation. Plug gaps, enable long-term fixes, and improve cash flow facilitated by our comprehensive platform.

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Gain valuable ROI

Switching to a versatile digital platform is a big decision. But persevering with traditional spreadsheets and manual processes is a losing battle. Make the investment now, optimise tasks and data management to accelerate cost-efficiency, and bring in the long-term returns.

Reduce your environmental impact

Fleet management is increasingly about aligning to sustainable development goals and introducing eco-friendly initiatives into your remit. Avrios automatically extracts data relevant to your vehicles’ environmental footprint and facilitates ways to improve CO2 efficiency and other measures. Choose a platform that’s ahead in respecting the environment and driving a cleaner world closer.

fleet leaders use Avrios to keep their fleet ahead.
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Which subscription is right for me?

See our plans to choose the level of service right for your fleet.

1,000+ fleet leaders use Avrios to keep their fleet ahead.

Replace complex spreadsheets and outdated software with a fleet management system that gives you the power to do so much more. Gain real insights about the true cost of your vehicles, automate tasks, streamline processes, and get valuable return on your investment to drive business growth sky high.

Take your fleet to the next level

Avrios empowers you to take full control of your fleet, drive business growth and stay ahead.

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Optimise your fleet with confidence

Avrios gives you what you need to enhance everyday activities and manage your fleet with peace of mind.