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Maintaining your compliance

Your regulatory compliance checklist

What we do

Avrios helps to ensure that you stay compliant with all the latest government regulations in your territory by providing advanced appointment scheduling capabilities and tools for drivers to execute compliance tasks remotely.

How it works

Driver tools

Delegate compliance tasks to drivers

Accurately fulfilling compliance tasks – especially those involving multiple stakeholders and remote drivers –  needs a robust process. We provide you with the tools you need to allow drivers to execute their tasks remotely – saving you time and helping to ensure compliance.


Automate your compliance appointments

Compliance tasks need to be executed at regular – but predictable – intervals. We help you to automate the scheduling of compliance appointments  and the coordination of task execution. With Avrios, there is no need to waste time exchanging emails and phone calls with drivers just to get the job done.


Stay in control of your compliance process

With personal liability at stake, controlling compliance tasks has never been more important. Seemingly simple problems – like drivers being sick or on vacation – can have a serious impact unless you have a good oversight and control system in place. We equip you with all the reports you need to identify and manage potential risks – we’ll even send you an automated alert if we detect a potential issue.

Regulations library

Stay compliant across different jurisdictions

Managing compliance across different countries and with changing legislation can be burdensome. We help you to ensure compliance whatever the location. With our cloud-based platform, you can react rapidly should new legislation changes or unforeseen events occur.

Compliance reporting at the click of a mouse

OVS logo

“The new IFRS 16 standard on leases requires us to include monthly company car costs in our financial statements. With Avrios, I can prepare these reports with a few clicks of the mouse.”

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

Manage your liability

Why this matters

Improved efficiency

Managing compliance tasks can be extremely time consuming and burdensome for both drivers and fleet managers. We allow you to efficiently and confidently manage all compliance tasks.

Assured compliance

Relying on paper-based systems to ensure full compliance can be problematic – especially if mistakes are made or the regulations aren’t updated. Our automated solution ensures that you stay compliant with minimum effort and risk.

Reduced risk

The risk of non-compliance and the impact that could have on your professional reputation cannot be understated. With unforeseen events – such as vehicle bans and recalls – there is often only a very short window of time available to reduce driver risk and personal liability.

Strategic value

Automating and streamlining your compliance tasks not only allows you to avoid mistakes that could seriously damage your professional reputation, it can also free up your time to focus on adding more strategic value to the business.

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