Maintain control

Power ahead as a fleet leader

Take charge of a platform designed to work around the way you’re used to. Be at the spearhead of your fleet, gaining insights, defining workstreams, and powering your capacity to make better informed decisions on the direction of your fleet and business.

Join 1,000+ customers using Avrios to power their fleet.

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Do more with digital

Spreadsheets and paper files introduce risk, drain productivity and slow progress. Your fleet managed on a comprehensive digital platform unleashes your potential to own your role with more flexibility, speed, and confidence. Turn challenges into opportunities.

And do less with digital

With your fleet data digitised, you save time connecting dots, discovering insights, and acting on them. Avrios’s analytics, automation and artificial intelligence streamline workflows and run entire processes autonomously. Free yourself to define and live out your fleet’s direction, and exert your influence on your business’s long-term goals.

Get closer to your fleet

Use Avrios to keep on top of your fleet’s success and monitor everything you need to know to stay ahead. With everything you need in one place, you can do anything you want with your fleet.

1,000+ fleet leaders use Avrios to keep their fleet ahead.

Replace complex spreadsheets and outdated software with a fleet management system that gives you the power to do so much more. Gain real insights about the true cost of your vehicles, automate tasks, streamline processes, and get valuable return on your investment to drive business growth sky high.

Take your fleet to the next level

Avrios empowers you to take full control of your fleet, drive business growth and stay ahead.

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Optimise your fleet with confidence

Avrios gives you what you need to enhance everyday activities and manage your fleet with peace of mind.

fleet leaders use Avrios to keep their fleet ahead.
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Which subscription is right for me?

See our plans to choose the level of service right for your fleet.

Trusted by fleets of all shapes and sizes.

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vehicles depend on the security of Avrios to stay connected.
of your time saved using Avrios to take care of everyday processes.
average reduction in ongoing fleet costs, like damages and insurance.