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Mileage planning in rental/leasing contracts

Management of contract deadlines

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OVS, company leader in the clothing retail industry with offices and stores in Italy and abroad, has recently defined as one of its objectives the innovation and digitalisation of both the in-store customer experience and its internal processes to improve their efficiency. 

In order to achieve this, Matteo Valle, Head of General Services, has identified some potential for improvement in the management of the company’s fleet, which until that point, was administered using Excel. Hence, OVS decided to look for a dedicated tool for their fleet and saw Avrios as the best solution to achieve its objectives.


Mileage planning in rental/leasing contracts

OVS is a very dynamic company with employees that regularly travel between the different offices. Therefore, it is very difficult for OVS to correctly estimate the annual mileage needed by each driver. In fact, the same person could double or halve the miles driven from one year to the other, depending on the staff organisation and area of responsibility. 

However, using Avrios, Matteo Valle can track and monitor the actual distance covered by drivers, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs due to inaccurate vehicle mileage planning.

Management of contract deadlines

Avrios gave OVS a more complete overview on contract deadlines, uncovering potential savings of several thousand euros per year in the maintenance of vehicles with an expired contract. These expenses would otherwise have to be covered by the company.

Control over fuel costs thanks to the possibility of importing all the transactions of different fuel cards


Thanks to Avrios’ reports (which are customisable), OVS can now analyse a quantity of information that was previously impossible. For example, cost reports allow the company to negotiate better conditions with fuel card or car rental providers. 

Furthermore, “the new IFRS 16 standard on leases requires us to include in the financial statements the monthly costs of each company car. Using Avrios I can prepare a report with only a few clicks showing all company cars with their costs divided into financial fee and service fee. In this way, accounting can properly insert this information in the financial statement. This task, if done manually, would require too much time”.

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