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The future of fleet management is mobility management

As new modes of transport evolve and new mobility concepts mature, we will keep up with your emerging mobility needs. In fact, Avrios is the only platform you will ever need.

Transportation is changing

Good fleet managers know that transportation is more than simply getting from A to B. It’s about personal mobility, employee motivation and individual lifestyle choices. And the choices today can be bewildering. From electric cars and mass transit to shared vehicles and ride hailing, transportation is changing. And it is changing at a tremendous pace.

The future is mobility management​

So, what does this rapid and accelerating change mean for fleet managers? Fleet management will no longer just be about vehicles and drivers but about providing different mobility modes to create a unique and flexible mix of transportation services.

But mobility management needs a solution

Effective fleet management is already a huge challenge. Adding mobility management as a manual solution can make the whole things manageable. Hundreds of different mobility solutions need to be accessible just-in-time. Usage needs to be controlled and administered, leaving companies in a jungle of unstructured information to manage.

Introducing next-generation software

At Avrios, we have been pioneering the future of fleet management software and leveraging the latest technological advancements for a number of years now. But as fleet management slowly gives way to mobility management, our platform will keep up with you every step of the way – making the deployment of new tailored mobility policies absolutely seamless.

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