Our vision

For Avrios

Pioneering the future of fleet management software

Driven by the opportunity to generate true value for customers, we set out on a mission to create the world’s most technologically advanced and future-focused Fleet Management Platform.

Fleet management is important

A well-focused and well-run company fleet is a competitive advantage in recruiting, sales and services. Employees spend hours in their vehicles, making the fleet a crucial factor for employee motivation. Your fleet might even be the first impression your customers get of your business. Naturally then, if a fleet is badly managed, it can lead to huge, uncontrolled costs and demotivated employees. Yet, running a fleet effectively can be challenging.

The challenge for fleet managers

Effective fleet management does not only means optimising your costs, but also reducing the administrative effort whilst ensuring your vehicles are always operational – basically, making sure that every employee has the right car at the right time. And for that, you need to manage relationships with several suppliers, communications with hundreds of stakeholders and consolidation of data from multiplesources. All this can be a real challenge: making the right decisions to optimise your fleet while ​keeping every aspect of it under control.

Recent advancements in digital technology

Technology has helped to reduce the complexity in fleet management and remove some of the administrative burden. But what you actually need is a solution that goes much further than today’s traditional fleet management software. You need a system which integrates with digital solutions from all your stakeholders and communicates with them automatically. You need a platform so you can automate all your manual tasks – with fully automated data management – and gain an unprecedented level of information, allowing you to uncover new opportunities to control your fleet and reduce your costs.

The future of the fleet management platform

As well as technological change, we are also witnessing tremendous change within society as a whole. New modes of transport are evolving, and new concepts of mobility are maturing. At Avrios, we will continue to develop our platform to keep up with these emerging demands. For us, the future of fleet management is mobility management.
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