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Damage Management

Damage management made easy. 

In cooperation with RepairFix, drivers can easily report damages in just a few minutes, and Avrios captures and allocates the information effortlessly. Reduce your damage ratio by 24% and get automated reporting – all from one central location.

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Digital damage management

Empower drivers to submit damages digitally from a hotline or web app while managers get a detailed overview of the vehicle’s condition and all reported damage. The entire documentation for repairs is stored digitally in the damage file, accessible at any time.

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Transparent communication

Communicate directly with drivers and service partners at the click of a button. Drivers and employees can report damage in just a few minutes on the web app. This facilitates faster approvals and scheduling of repairs to fleet vehicles.

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Service Provider Network

We work with a professional service provider network, which supports you with the 24/7 hotline. Access pick-up and drop-off services plus free replacement mobility, complete damage processing, hourly billing rates, technical and content checks, and repairs according to manufacturer specifications.

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Centralised data management and reporting

After completing claims, data is imported into Avrios and viewed in your account. Retrieve this data at any time. What’s more, you can scale data individually, which helps provide a stable basis for cost and cause analyses within Avrios.

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illustration showing Avrios software
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