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Fleet management made easy

Digitise your data, get a better overview and reduce costs.
With Avrios fleet management software, you can keep control of your fleet at all times. Mr. Adler will show you in a short video how you can digitise your data, automate manual tasks and processes and thus reduce overall fleet costs.

TeamSystem reduces fleet costs by 27% in one year

This is just one of the success stories of our more than 1,000 customers.

Many companies manage their fleets with complicated Excel spreadsheets and paper folders – thanks to Avrios, this is now a thing of the past! 
With Avrios, we’ve built software that helps you to consolidate all data in one place and in the cloud, to create transparency over your entire fleet and it’s costs, and thus providing opportunity to reduce costs across multiple areas of your fleet. 
TeamSystem, the largest software company in Italy, has managed to achieve full control over their fleet costs with Avrios and already reduce them by 27% in the first year – thanks to real-time data and various analytical tools.

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Our experts will show you how the software can help you consolidate data, automate processes and reduce costs.
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