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Keep all your fleet data in one place

Avrios connects directly with your business partners, streamlines your email communications and delivers powerful insights

Improved efficiency

Manually collating information from disparate systems and data sources can be both time-consuming and boring. Centralising your data into one single platform ensures you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information available at your fingertips.

Smarter decisions

Unless you have everything in one place, it’s hard to analyse your data and uncover insights. Centralising your data allows you to ask important questions such as; ‘How do current mileages compare with contract mileages?’ and ‘When did the driver change because this vehicle has some costly damage?’.

Strategic value

Spending time on manual data entry tasks is not only time wasted, but it’s time that could be better spent delivering value to the business. Centralising your data into one single platform can free you up to secure the very best procurement deals available.

Digital innovation

Even the most traditional businesses are going through some form of digital transformation – and fleet management needs to play its part too. Centralising your data onto a cloud-based platform allows you to future-proof your fleet management operations.

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“With automatic data integration from Avrios, I can analyse fuel card receipts in a quick and efficient manner – something simply not possible before.”

Fleet Manager, Cantine Mezzacorona

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