I nostri dirigenti Avrios

Ti presentiamo i nostri responsabili dedicati Avrios.

Con i nostri membri esperti del team dirigente, e i membri del consiglio di amministrazione, affrontiamo ogni sfida e puntiamo sempre più in alto.

Team di gestione

A woman with her hands on her hips.

Francine Gervazio

Chief Executive Officer
A bald man wearing glasses and a white shirt.

Jason Thrasher

Chief Technology Officer
A woman wearing a t - shirt that says avrios.

Beatriz Dominguez

VP People & Talent
A man with a goatee smiles at the camera.

Wouter Hendriks

VP Operations
A man in a suit smiling at the camera.

Manuel Schuler

VP Customer Success
A man wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

Helmut Käser

VP Sales
A woman in a black hoodie is smiling.

Anna Jakubowitz

Head of Marketing
A woman with glasses is smiling for the camera.

Daria Meier

Team Lead, Sales
A man in a gray jacket and white shirt.

Peter Schlieder

Team Lead, Sales

Board of directors

A man in a suit smiling for the camera.

Andreas Brenner

Chairman and Founder
A man in a business suit and tie.

Andrew Flett

General Partner at Mobility Impact Partners LP
A man in a suit and tie smiling at the camera.

Nate Glissmeyer

Chief Platform Officer at FRIDAY Versicherung
A man with a bald head wearing a blue shirt.

Jos White

General Partner at Notion Capital
A woman in a green blazer and black shirt.

Klea Wenger

Investment Director at Swisscom Ventures
A white square with the words lake star on it


Unisciti al nostro team

A group of people posing for a picture.