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What we do

Avrios streamlines communications – whether that is with suppliers, drivers or other stakeholders – making easy to track important conversations, improve collaboration and implement best practices.

How it works

Integrated inbox

Manage all your communications centrally

Fleet managers today are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of communications. We allow you to centralise all the emails sent to drivers, suppliers and insurers – we will even extract the valuable information they contain and automatically assign it to the relevant vehicle file.

Automated reminders

Easily schedule your recurring appointments

Just handling recurring appointments – such as vehicle checks, driver’s licence checks and pool car bookings – can be a real drain on your time. Our automated reminders free up your time to focus on cost saving initiatives that add real value to the business.

Scheduled reports

Share management reports instantly

Sharing management data and insights reports is crucial if you are to effectively control your fleet costs and efficiently manage the fleet operations. We send out reports automatically to decision-makers, so you have fewer ad-hoc requests to deal with.

Cloud solution

Collaborate with your colleagues efficiently

Co-ordinating fleet management activities across departments, subsidiaries and countries can often result in an endless stream of emails, meetings and calls. We provide a central cloud-based solution so that everyone has access to everything – instantly.

Everything a professional fleet manager needs

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“I’ve never seen such good software before. I can do everything I need to. There are no frills, only the things that really matter to a professional fleet manager.”

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

Implement best practices

Why this matters

Improved efficiency

Communicating with all the stakeholders involved in managing a fleet – from drivers and suppliers to colleagues and management – can be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Implementing a centralised, real-time communications hub is the ‘best practice’ way to save both time and effort.

Decreased complexity

Fleet management operations can be complicated enough without adding an unmanageable email inbox to the mix. Thousands of emails will be sent, each one containing vital information that is lost at worst and difficult to find at best. Managing all your communications within a single platform is a great example of fleet management best practice.

Increased collaboration

One of the biggest enablers of effective team collaboration is a centralised system that allows members to both enter and access all the information – wherever they are in the world. To further facilitate communications best practice, we also automate the delivery of regular insights reports to the key decision-makers in your business.

Assured compliance

Complying with government regulations is a business imperative and goes way beyond implementing industry best practices. Simple mistakes in communication can have a big impact though – like an overlooked email resulting in a missed vehicle check – so intelligently streamlining your communications is the perfect way to reduce that corporate and personal risk exposure.

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