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Avrios helps fleet leaders stay on top of the day-to-day operations and improve fleet data and task management to drive results. Organise data, manage compliance, gather insights, and automate processes to fulfil your potential for driving change in your fleet.

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Avrios makes it easy for fleet managers to run their fleet from one place. Our cloud-based platform facilitates reporting, workflow automation, compliant repairs and licence check handling, and more – all on an intuitive user interface that takes no time to get familiar with.

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Lean into the long term

Switching to a versatile digital platform to manage your fleet cuts out inefficient processes, highlights hidden costs and sets you up to optimise and drive steady growth over time. What’s more, you’re better positioned to deal with rampant changes that affect your environmental impact.

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Compliance and red tape sorted

So much of fleet management is spent chasing checks and aligning processes to ever-changing regulatory requirements. Compliance is integrated into fleet management processes so you can focus on other tasks.

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  • 32% lower repair and return costs using Avrios
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  • 25% reduction in time spent on routine fleet tasks

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