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We understand that managing a fleet of vehicles can be a very complex and time-consuming task – especially when it is only one job of many that you have to do every day. That’s why we built Avrios.

How we help

Consolidate your fleet data

Simply having all your fleet data consolidated into one single system can remove a huge administrative burden for many fleet managers. Avrios organizes all your fleet data – from vehicle contracts to driver appointments – so it is always easily available at the click of a mouse. This centralised data approach means that you can save time processing information and also keep better control of your fleet and keep the costs down.

Reduce your workload

Avrios is built from the ground-up to automate your fleet operations and save you time – allowing you to focus on more important activities and business priorities. Avrios automates your regular daily tasks – like checking fuel invoices and assigning pool cars  and takes care of the all data entry for you. We connect directly with your business partners to import data and automatically digitize invoices – so you will never have to manually enter data again.


Streamline your communication

From coordinating leasing contracts to scheduling appointments for drivers, fleet managers have to deal with hundreds of emails and phone calls every day. Avrios centralises, organizes and automates all your driver and supplier communications leaving you time to take care of what matters most to you. We will automatically remind drivers to complete the tasks assigned to them and even update you once it has been done.

Optimize your fleet

Your fleet gives you plenty of opportunities for optimization. From avoiding excess mileage to better negotiating insurance contracts. We equip you with powerful reports so you can simply identify where to optimize. Because data is imported automatically, your data is always up-to date and complete so you can make fact based optimization decisions.

Implement best practices

We help to ensure your success by providing the expert support, unrivalled know-how and fast response you need to get the most out of the Avrios platform, optimize your fleet and meet your team’s goals and objectives. Our team has developed an unrivalled knowledge of fleet management best practices by working directly with hundreds of fleets just like yours – and you can access all that experience in an instant.

Popular features

Automated invoice importing

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Optimising the fleet with a dedicated software solution

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“Before Avrios, our fleet was managed using spreadsheets and paper files. We soon realised that a dedicated software solution could really optimize our fleet.”

Fleet Manager, Cantine Mezzacorona

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