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Eliminate boring and repetitive tasks

Avrios proactively co-ordinates your activities, effortlessly prepares your reports and automates your fleet controlling

Improved efficiency

Having the ability to automate boring and repetitive tasks is like having your own virtual digital assistant. More importantly, this reduction in your workload will give you the extra time you need to focus on areas that will add value to the business and get you recognised as a strategic player.

Reduced costs

We believe that one of the most effective ways to manage and reduce costs is to fully automate the input of vehicle data and proactively set-up reports, alerts and reminders. If you fail to notice when a car is likely to exceed the mileage allowances in the leasing contract, this will not only incur a cost, but it could impact your reputation too.

Smarter decisions

It’s not just the automation of the reporting and analytics process that helps to improve your decision-making – or the automated alerts. It’s the automation of the data entry in the first place that provides a much richer data set for analysis – which leads to better insights.

Enhanced procurement

Automation helps the whole team to reduce their workload, improve their performance and deliver superior results – and that counts for the procurement process too. By automating key procurement tasks, we make it quick to compare offers from different providers, simple to deliver a multi-bidding strategy and easy to speed up the process for all stakeholders involved.

The power of automation and integration

Jonathan Riegel

“With the Avrios platform, we managed to reduce our fleet management workload by an average of 21.3%.”

Jonathan Riegel
Chief Information Officer, Kasto

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