Connect your data and manage your fleet

All your fleet data management in one place
Saving time and boosting accuracy, Avrios automates the tasks your fleet depends on. Our fleet data management software leaves no room for mistakes. More importantly, it gives you the flexibility and functionality to make the most of valuable vehicle information.

Automatic document capture and data read-out

No more manual typing of basic fleet information. With Avrios, technology does the work for you. Our fleet data management software puts everything in the system, from invoices, fines, master vehicle data and more. All the details are captured, allocated and assigned automatically, and placed in any report or analyses your needs. No effort, and no errors.

Integrate fuel cards

Our fleet data management software makes fuel management easy, integrating with fuel card providers. All invoices are entered automatically, Avrios then reads them, assigns them to vehicles, and categorizes the costs. Fuel cards provide mileage data, so no more chasing drivers. And costs and mileage are monitored in separate reports, meaning no hard work for you. Just hard facts for your business.

Connect all your data

Vehicle files, driver files, damage files – all data has its place. And with Avrios, all this data is connected. You can forget keeping different spreadsheets and folders. Plus, this connectivity is the basis for all your analysis and reporting. We make complicated tasks streamlined and simple.

Bring lots of users aboard

Any number of users can access Avrios simultaneously. Handy if you have a decentralized fleet, multiple fleet managers, or a CFO who needs to see fleet reports. You can set different user rights, so they work on just the data you want them to. Our fleet data management software lets you create a company structure for different locations.

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