Our fleet management system

Every tool you need to manage your fleet
The Avrios fleet management system saves time and money. With all your data in one place, you know your fleet’s true cost, and you’re confidently compliant. Plus, you have unrivaled buying power in repairs, tires, fuel cards and more.

Managing your fleet data

Our fleet management software digitizes your data, making every piece of information and every cost accessible to you and other users in your company. At any time, you’re in control and up to speed.rn

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Processes and workflows

Digital procurement and damage workflows ensure everything’s coordinated, and you’ll never forget a task. Seamless and fully visible. All in one tool.rn

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With the Avrios approach to vehicle management, fleet compliance is as simple as it gets. Driver training, license checks, and handling of fines – they’re all automated. No need to chase. Technology takes care of it.rn

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Insights and reporting

From fuel and mileage to CO2 emissions. With Avrios, you know the true cost of every vehicle in your fleet. And you can create reports and live snapshots. Straight away, any time.

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Avrios Marketplace

Whatever products or services you need, you get a better deal with Avrios Marketplace. Whether it’s parts, repairs or fuel cards, all suppliers and purchasing processes are integrated into one system.rn

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