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Next-generation Fleet Management software

– built to optimise fleets and reduce costs

We understand that negotiating the best contracts and maintaining control over operating costs can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s why we built Avrios.

How we help

Consolidate your fleet data

Simply having all your fleet data consolidated into one single system can remove a huge administrative burden for procurement teams. Avrios automatically imports fleet data from any business partner in any location – regardless of whether the information is in a digital format or is paper-based. We give you the control and insights you need to effectively manage your fleet costs.

Design optimal supplier strategies

Determining the optimal supplier strategy has always required trade-offs. Costs can be optimized by choosing the best supplier for each aspect of your fleet operation, but with this comes the administrative burden of managing multiple supplier relationships. On the other hand, buying everything you need from a single supplier will certainly cut down on the administration, but this will almost certainly come at the expense of higher overall costs. With Avrios, you can have the best of both worlds.

Optimize your fleet

Effective procurement today demands that you have a thorough knowledge of your fleet operations and supplier performance. And that knowledge must be based on comprehensive data and independent insights.  Avrios automatically imports every single piece of fleet data and gives you the information and tools you need to compare costs – more specifically, the total cost of ownership or TCO – across different countries and leasing providers and to negotiate better supplier contracts.

Reduce your fleet costs

Professional, data-driven procurement is not the only way to reduce fleet costs. More effective management of the day-to-day operation can also yield significant cost savings. And Avrios can provide the data and tools your team needs to control fleet costs and optimize performance. We deliver powerful insights, recommendations and reports to make sure you are always completely in control – every single day.

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Analysing more information than ever before

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“Thanks to the customisable reports from Avrios, we can now analyse a huge amount of data – allowing us to negotiate better deals with our suppliers.”

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

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