Connect your data, manage your fleet

All your fleet data management in one place

No more spreadsheets or manual documentation. Digitise your data to unearth insights about your vehicles that help you optimise tasks and power up your fleet – saving you time, money and effort.

Automatic document capture and data read-out

Instead of manually entering data, Avrios does the hard work for you. Take your spreadsheets of customer data, invoicing, fines, vehicle data and get everything you need to know captured, allocated, and assigned to the right places automatically. No effort, no errors. All fleet data management in one place.

Integrate fuel cards

Avrios integrates with fuel card providers to make fuel management easy. All invoices are entered and then assigned to the right vehicle to categorise the right costs. The fuel cards provide mileage data and costs in separate reports, which means no more chasing drivers and legwork generating reports.

Connect all your data

Vehicle files, driver files, damage files – streamline it all and connect everything to generate easy and automatic reports that help you gain insights faster and make decisions more effectively. For easy fleet data management.

Bring lots of users aboard

Any number of users can access Avrios simultaneously – ideal for a decentralizsed fleet, for multiple fleet managers, or even a CFO who needs to access reports. Set different user privileges and create hierarchical access across different locations so that your workforce gets only the data they need to care about.

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