Master insights and reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of your fleet data and make all-important, high-level decisions with the security of accurate, up-to-date reporting, for now and the future of your fleet.

Analyse costs

Once you know your true cost of ownership, you know how to save. Avrios assigns every fleet cost to a vehicle, and aggregates cost categories and your total fleet cost. In just a few clicks, you can see everything from a single fuel invoice to all outgoings. It’s all there for you.

Monitor fuel consumption

With integrated fuel cards, allocated fuel costs and mileage data, Avrios makes fuel management easy. By identifying high or premium fuel consumption, you can act quickly to reduce fuel use and manage short-term costs, and plan ahead on fuel efficiency in the longer term.

Influence your environmental impact

Fuel consumption and fuel types have a significant impact on your fleet’s emissions. Make sound decisions about your mobility by comparing your average consumption and emissions with other Avrios fleets and EU emission targets. Stay ahead and support your business to achieve its environmental targets.

Keep tabs on mileage

Avrios provides up-to-date mileage information, so no need to chase drivers. You get an automatic overview of current and expected mileage until the end of each vehicle’s contract. This makes predicting mileage for leasing vehicles easy and lets you balance use between vehicles where possible. Plus the data supports your procurement criteria for replacing vehicles.

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