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Manage your fleet from one place

Fully control your fleet management system
The Avrios fleet management system saves time and money. With your data in one place, you can complete daily tasks, manage fleet processes, and handle compliance requirements with ease. Free your time, focus on business growth, and make all-important decisions with the right insights and capabilities at hand.

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Manage your fleet data

Our fleet management software digitises your data, which makes all your information and costs accessible to you and others in your company– all while stored and saved safely. Stay in control and up to speed all the time.

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Streamline processes and workflows

Co-ordinate and automate tasks and processes so you never miss a thing and gain time back for the bigger business decisions.

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Damage management

Simplify managing repairs with a digital system that captures driver input and makes the data automatable and accessible on Avrios.

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Automate compliance

Compliance creates complexity for your fleet operations. Driver training, licence checks, and handling of fines are all taken care of on Avrios to reduce error, speed up processing and ensure you avoid costly or legally-compromising mistakes.

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Master insights and reporting

Get under the hood of your vehicles and track the true cost of ownership, from fuel and mileage to CO2 emissions. Effortlessly generate reports that keep you in the know.

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Why do I need Avrios to manage my fleet?

Using Excel spreadsheets or paper is hard work, error prone, time consuming and challenging to share with others. Relying on risky processes undermines your business growth and limits your abilities as a fleet manager.

A digital platform like Avrios helps fleet leaders see all related costs – from financing and fuel to damages and CO2 emissions – in one place and drive actions easily to optimise efficiency, reduce ongoing costs and help your fleet stay ahead. 

Do I install Avrios on my laptop or is it a cloud-based solution?

Avrios is a cloud-based solution with certified and secured servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Your data is safe with us. All software updates happen automatically. You can access Avrios wherever and whenever you want on any device with a stable internet connection.

What different products does Avrios offer?

There’s no limit to the number of users, so Avrios is great for fleets with more than one manager, or where different people in a company need to access fleet data. You can specify different user-access rights, and even set up your company structure within the system.

What products does Avrios offer?

We have different fleet management plans to suit your needs. Find out more about our plans here.

What does Avrios cost?

Avrios Essentials, which provides basic functionality, is free and forever. The Avrios Pro plan provides unlimited access to all functions and comes at a cost per vehicle per month.

We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees or extra costs to make budgeting easier.  Find out more about our plans here.

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“Sustainability is an important topic for Aquaservice. We have set ourselves the goal for carbon neutrality. Aquaservice already has the largest hybrid fleet of delivery vehicles in Spain and the second largest in Europe. Avrios helps us to achieve our sustainability goals.

Rafael Vañó Igual

Fleet Manager, Aquaservice

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“We have been using the Marketplace since May 2020. Not only the price and the offer of the independent workshops have convinced us. Also the quality of the repairs and the service were very satisfying. The quotes by one click mean an enormous saving of time. I can immediately compare and decide quickly.

Dominik Wörner

Fleet Manager, Südpack

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“The analysis on the platform clearly showed how much money was burned. This was particularly true in the areas of fuels and damage repairs. I knew immediately where I could start. The reporting function is extremely user-friendly. Since we have been placing orders via the Marketplace, we have saved an average of 20% per repair.

David Jänsch

Fleet Manager, Thermondo GmbH

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“Thanks to Avrios, we managed to reduce the time that we dedicate to fleet management by 21.3%.

Jonathan Riegel

Member of the Board and CIO, Kasto

Kasto logo

“The time saving is enormous. This applies to the entire fleet management, but also the request for quotes and placing of orders via the Avrios Marketplace. This is particularly important in a fleet that is growing as fast as Thermondo’s. I always have an overview and can make decisions.

David Jänsch

Fleet Manager, Thermondo GmbH

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“The Avrios platform with its agile development delivers the perfect tools we need as a fast growing company. Especially when it comes to opening new locations or procuring additional vehicles, quick and easy integration is crucial.

Stephan Zech

Fleet Manager, flaschenpost SE

flaschenpost logo

“Within one year, TeamSystem saved €80.000 in additional fleet costs. The target for 2020 is a further reduction of €70.000. Cost savings are important for us. But just as important is to have full control of our own fleet at all times with Avrios. With Avrios, we can set new goals.

Lorenzo Priano

Fleet Manager, TeamSystem

TeamSystem logo

“For us, it was very important to achieve an overview across our fleet management costs and reduce the very high time efforts to manage our fleet.

Bernhard Brem

Fleet Manager, Hofbräuhaus

HB München logo

“The entire processes in fleet management have not only been accelerated but have also become simpler and clearer. I see the great advantage in the diverse and individual analysis options. I can access the data I need for my decision at any time.

Stephan Zech

Fleet Manager, flaschenpost SE

flaschenpost logo

“Avrios offers incredible transparency regarding cost development and identification. In addition, the platform is extremely userfriendly and functions almost intuitively. Not only was it very time-consuming to pick out the respective documents, but it was also very difficult to determine the actual costs for the individual vehicles.

Michael Blank

Controller, TeeGschwendner

Tee Gschwendner logo

“By implementing Avrios, we were able to reduce the damage ratio from 110% to 85% within just one year. Through the presented measures – which require a clean and transparent database – the damage expenses could be further significantly reduced. As a result, at the end of the following year we achieved a damage ratio of 44%.

Philipp Mayer

Procurement and Fleet, Ursapharm

Ursapharm logo

“We have reduced the time and effort required for the management of our vehicles by half. Avrios has had a very positive impact on our business and has made it all transparent. […] We now make our strategic decisions based on up-to-date data. That gives us a good feeling.

Rolf Müller

Technical Business Manager, DBU Facility Services AG

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