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Improve your operational decisions

Avrios generates consolidated insight reports and total cost of ownership analysis – providing instant answers to all your questions

Comprehensive data

Making important decisions based on incomplete or out-of-date information can end up being a very costly mistake. We import all your vital fleet data automatically so you can negotiate the best commercial agreements with your leasing providers, insurers and repair shops.

Richer information

To make smart procurement decisions, you need access to a rich set of information that puts you on par with your providers and partners. We ensure you have all the insights you need – including industry benchmark data – to make the best decisions.

Enhanced procurement

Procurement teams can easily make better buying decisions just by looking at the actual costs relating to the fleet – the total costs of ownership or the TCO. We provide cost analysis, reports and insights that you can rely on to drive the best deals.

Improved accuracy

Fleet managers and procurement teams alike, will often lack accurate and up-to-date information on important car usage measures – like driver mileages. We help you to avoid leasing contracts that are just too expensive for what you need.

Keeping fuels costs to an absolute minimum

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“Thanks to Avrios, we can now easily identify out-of-policy refuelling which allows us to act quickly and limit unnecessary costs”.

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

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