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We understand that managing a large fleet of vehicles – maybe spread over a number of divisions and countries – can be a very costly and time-consuming job. That’s why we built Avrios.

How we help

Consolidate your fleet data across the entire organization

Simply having all your fleet data consolidated into one single system can remove a huge burden for fleet managers – especially when vehicles and drivers are spread out across multiple divisions and locations. Avrios centralises your fleet information across company divisions, business partners and internal systems – regardless of the data format be it digital or paper-based – so you gain richer insights and stay totally in control.

Reduce your workload

Avrios is built from the ground-up to automate your fleet operations and save you time – allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks that really add value to the business. We automatically import data from your leasing providers to help you manage all the tasks related to these contracts. We can even help you to avoid excess mileages charges and ensure that the invoices you receive are in line with the corresponding contract terms.


Gain more control of your fleet

Keeping a tight grip on your fleet operation is a key requirement for most professional fleet managers. Once all your fleet data is managed in one system, you have all you need to control your fleet. Whether you want to identify cost outliers or investigate damage quotas, we’ve got just the right report for you. And the best thing, you can totally trust the data  in the reports and no longer have to rely on information supplied by third-parties.

Negotiate better supplier contracts

The more information you have available, the better you can negotiate with business partners like insurance companies and leasing providers. Our automated data import feature ensures you always have the most complete, reliable and up-to-date fleet-related information available to support your decisions. Just knowing the vehicle costs from different leasing providers by their total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) can make a massive difference.

Our fleet management experts have created this handy Professional Cost Management guide to help your team with vehicle procurement.

E-book Kostenmanagement im Fuhrpark

Continuous cost controlling

For most big fleets, there are big cost savings opportunities – the hard part is finding them. We constantly update your fleet data and our platform to automatically provide you with a stream of valuable insights and strategic recommendations. With Avrios, you can control excess mileages, fuel invoices and cost outliers – effortlessly.

The future of fleet management

Today, our Fleet Management Platform enables you to optimise your fleet – reducing both your costs and your workload.

Tomorrow, as new modes of transport evolve and new concepts mature – such as Mobility management – we will continue to develop our platform to keep up with your emerging needs. In fact, Avrios is the only platform you will ever need. 

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Automated invoice import and controlling

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The benefits certainly outweigh the monthly fee

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Avrios is the ideal tool to help you identify the causes of  unplanned costs, so you can implement targeted measures and achieve significant savings.” 

Matteo Valle
Head of General Services, OVS

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