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Next-generation Fleet Management software

– built to optimise fleets and reduce costs

We understand that running a fleet of vehicles – whether it is off-balance-sheet or on – will represent a significant expenditure for many companies.  That’s why we built Avrios.

How we help

Consolidate your fleet data

Effectively managing fleet finances requires accurate data pure and simple. Avrios automatically imports data from external suppliers and internal systems so there are no errors or mistakes we will even digitize any paper-based documents. This integrated approach allows you to create powerful reports based on more complete, accurate and up-to-date information. And better reports lead to clearer insights.

Automate control of your fleet

From fuel consumption to leasing contracts, your fleet cost needs to be continuously monitored and controlled. Avrios updates your fleet data in real-time and uses clever ‘artificial intelligence’ technology to automatically analyse it and then proactively report any issues we find. We will instantly detect any cost outliers and help you to avoid costly excess mileage – we’ll even identify potential fuel card fraud.


Perform better financial analysis

Consolidating data from disparate sources can make financial reporting and analysis extremely burdensome. But with Avrios, all your fleet data is stored in one central system ready to be analysed by our powerful reporting functions. You can use our standard reports – like IFRS 16 compliant costs, CO2 emissions and fringe benefits for tax authorities – or create bespoke reports that meet your specific business and financial needs.

Improve financial planning

A vehicle fleet can be one of the biggest cost centres for a business today. And with all the complex leasing contracts and unforeseen cost depreciations, even straightforward financial planning can be a real headache. But with Avrios, we provide you with the tools you need to centralise and organize all your cost information, making financial and business planning a breeze.

Reduce your fleet costs

Everyone wants to lower costs. But finding ways to reduce direct spending can be very difficult. Fortunately, fleets provide an excellent opportunity to streamline operations and eliminate expenditure – you just need the right data and the right tools. Avrios gives you everything you need to effectively manage and control your fleet costs. So, whether it is adopting more professional procurement practices to negotiate better supplier contracts or proactively reducing vehicle damage to lower insurance cost, Avrios can help.

Popular features

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Optimising management of the fleet

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“I can now easily analyse data and create financial reports that can be shared with other departments – all with just a few clicks of the mouse.” 

Fleet Manager, Cantine Mezzacorona

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