Our expertise ensures your success

We bring together advanced technology and unrivalled experience to help you run the best possible fleet management operation for your business

Heritage is our strength

For over 40 years, the Brenner family has been managing a fleet of more than 100 business vehicles – ranging from small pool cars up to 40 tonne trucks. It is this deep experience as professional practitioners that has allowed us to create the world’s most advanced and future-focused Fleet Management Platform, Avrios.

We understand your needs.

Power through community

Beyond a world-leading Fleet Management Platform, with Avrios you also get the collective know-how of more than 800 fleet managers around the world. Our expert team liaises with our community every day giving us an unrivalled understanding of the problems you face – and the role our technology can play in helping you resolve them.

We help you deliver value.

Leading-edge technology

Technology innovation runs through our blood here at Avrios and our mission is to leverage the latest technology to build the most advanced Fleet Management Platform possible for our customers. Co-founded by serial technology entrepreneurs and located in the heart of Zurich’s new tech quarter, we couldn’t be better positioned.

We keep you one step ahead.

User-centred design

At Avrios, we combine our unrivalled heritage as professional fleet management practitioners, the deep knowledge and understanding gained from working with over 800 fleet managers and our in-built culture of customer-driven technology innovation to bring you the most advanced Fleet Management Platform available today.

We ensure your success.

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