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What we value

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A reliable friend

We always listen to each other, be it our customers or our colleagues. We treat every relationship like the start of a long friendship and are always there to help each other.

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Better than possible

We take great care in identifying our customers' needs and deliver solutions better than deemed possible.

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Straight to the point

We bring transparency to the industry and apply the same principles to our customer and co-worker relationships. We are always honest and straight to the point.

What we value

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Learn & Improve

To build a great product and career, everyone at Avrios works hard to be the most knowledgeable person in the industry that they can be.

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We are always focused on helping our customers move seamlessly, whilst not taking ourselves too seriously, having fun and respecting each other at the same time.

Sound like you?

We are growing fast and disrupting an industry which is in desperate need of revival! Are you driven for success and eager to learn?
Want to be part of our adventure? Join us in beautiful Zurich!

Business Development

These are the entrepreneurs that bravely go where no one has gone before. Exploring new markets and discovering new ways to connect with potential customers. They keep going where others would stop, creating huge markets where there seemed to be no potential for one.

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Customer Success

Problem solvers, educators and all round life-savers. They know all our customers on a first name basis and are one of the main reasons why Avrios customers love us so much. They know our product by heart and work closely together with the engineers and product team to improve it continuously.

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The guys and gals that build our awesome platform. They might seem fixated on their screen but show them a cute cat picture and you will have their full attention. Working in feature teams with a full focus on the user and how we can solve their problems.

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This diverse group of talented people from a range of backgrounds (from developers to black belt martial arts professionals) are making the impossible possible: putting fleet management way up the priority list of decision makers. How? With their noses deep in data and a strong hands-on mentality. (Round house and other kicks not included - We are a peaceful bunch)

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Our product team is the intersection between all other departments. They are communicators, data analysts and translators - fluent in both tech and business language. This small yet powerful team pushes our product vision and is responsible for all the great ideas that get executed by the engineers.

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Wouter Hendriks

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Jobs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The application process at Avrios usually consists of one phone call with a recruiter, one with the hiring manager and half a day of interviews at our office. However, the process can vary per position.

Customise and keep it relevant - The chances are not all your experiences are relevant for the job you are applying for. Does it make sense to list your MS Office skills when you know the company uses Google Suite?
Design matters - Your CV is the first thing we see so spend some time on the visuals. But don’t let this distract from the content. While pie-charts can be beautiful and mouth-watering there might be more effective ways to show off your skillset.

As a rule of thumb we try to make an offer within 3 weeks after applying.

Make sure you are comfortable talking about previous professional and personal experiences. Pro-tip: do some research on the people you will meet so you can prepare some questions for them as well.

There is no dress-code at Avrios for employees and guests so wear whatever you feel is appropriate and makes you comfortable. Interviews are stressful enough without wondering if your tie matches your socks.

A demo version of the software is usually provided shared during the interview process. If you can’t wait to see what the platform really looks like just ask your interviewer during the interview to send you a link to the demo.

The main language at Avrios is English. However, we have a multi-lingual crew so it’s not uncommon to hear discussions in Russian, Swiss German or Spanish.

This is generally not the case. It does happen that employees will work remotely but never in a structural capacity except when this is explicitly mentioned in the job description.


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