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First introduction

The first telephone call is for getting to know each other.

Our aim is to understand your individual fleet organization and the daily challenges as precisely as possible. After this 10-minute chat, we can give you an honest assessment of whether we can offer your company added value.

You can then decide whether you would like to continue the discussions with us. If so, as a next step we will arrange an appointment for an online demo.

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2nd Step

Online demo via screen share

In the online demo, we specifically address the points we discussed together in the first interview.

You will see your consultant's screen who will guide you through Avrios and show you how the software can support you.

In this demo we're going to answer all your questions. We adapt the duration of the online demo to your individual requirements.

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3rd Step

Individual next steps

If you would like to continue discussions after the online demo, the further steps will be individually adapted to your needs.

We would also be happy to introduce ourselves to you personally.

If necessary, your contact person will work with you to develop a joint plan of how Avrios can help you and what the next steps will be.

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4th Step

Start working together

We will provide you with an individual contact person.

Your personal contact will set up your account, complete your first training session and ensure that you reach your goals with Avrios.

In addition, your personal contact person is always available during business hours to answer any queries you may have by phone, live chat and email - without having to call any hotline.

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