Avrios is more than a fleet management software

Avrios is a platform, and hence it is the future of mobility and fleet management. Being a platform, Avrios connects your fleet with the outside world, offering you many advantages.

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Integrating your data

Centralise your data

Avrios' platform allows you to have a 360-degree overview on your fleet and on data from fuel card providers, leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers and many more.

✓ Have all the fleet-related data available to you in a few clicks, from the vehicle file, to the driver file and leasing contracts

✓ Manage all the appointments from one platform (no missed deadlines)

✓ Have more negotiation power thanks to complete and correct fleet data

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Automating your processes

Reduce your workload

In Avrios' platform, many processes are automated, from registering fuel and vehicle data to requesting different offers from stakeholders and comparing them.

✓ Data from all relevant fleet portals is automatically imported through interfaces 

✓ No more manual data entry as information is automatically extracted from PDF documents and allocated to the right cost center and vehicle file

✓ Streamline and speed up processes, from driver communication to reporting

Optimising your fleet

Control your costs

Avrios' platform allows you to easily analyse your costs and find areas in which they can be optimised. 

✓ Discover and avoid unnecessary costs such as overmileage and unusual fuel costs

✓ Keep your TCO under control and easily analyse its components

✓ Make informed procurement decisions thanks to instantly available cost data

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Streamlining your communications

Simplify communication

Avrios' platform offers new ways to simplify communication for you, saving you time and allowing you to keep track of the information exchange. 

✓ Negotiate orders with your vehicle and leasing supplier via chat

✓ Coordinate appointments with drivers via automatically generated emails

✓ Reduce the effort to communicate with your colleagues from other departments and subsidiaries

Fuelling your decisions

Gather insights on your fleet through flexible reports

Avrios' flexible reporting allows you to create any report you need, save it and easily export and share it.

✓ Thanks to automated data entry, gain better insights on your fleet with reports based on complete data

✓ Make informed decisions about your fleet thanks to reports built on up-to-date data

✓ Benefit from the support of our fleet experts to set-up state-of-the-art reports

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Ensuring your success

Transform your business

With Avrios, you can rely not only on a digital platform, but also on the support of fleet experts. Our team guides you through the management of the platform and helps you discover the potential for optimisation related to your fleet.

✓ Get started immediately with our quick on-boarding and fleet data import

✓ Benefit from personal training and support from our team

✓ Create together with our fleet experts your personal success plan for optimising your fleet and achieve your goals

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