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The Avrios mission

Why does Avrios exist?

We make mobility work for business. Avrios is designed for progressive companies that value their employees and want to deliver on the promise of a modern mobility policy.

With a single, intuitive platform, your employees have access to all individual means of transport, such as buying and leasing vehicles, short-term and long-term rentals, shared mobility or electric bicycles.

The Avrios fleet management software guarantees that they can efficiently and satisfactorily move from place A to B and thus concentrate on their core tasks.

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Always the right vehicle at hand

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Always the right vehicle at hand

Request offers and procure vehicles

Order vehicles through the fleet management software at the click of a button. First, contact the car dealerships directly through Avrios and request different offers for comparison. Use the Avrios chat function in negotiating for the best offer. Once you've submitted your order: all details of the vehicle are entered into the platform without any manual input.

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Vehicles in use on time

The approval checklist ensures that the right vehicle is ready for use at the right time. The fleet management software automatically reminds the fleet manager of all the important steps to be carried out before the vehicle can be deployed. This ensures that each driver is able to take off on the desired date.

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Save over 75% in time spent on administrative tasks

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Save over 75% in time spent on administrative tasks

All fleet data in one place

Our fleet management software has your vehicle data centrally structured in one place. Most of the data is pulled automatically to the platform and stored in a structured manner. This, together with the omni-search function ensures that you no longer have to search endlessly for any information. All factual questions can be answered with one click.

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Meeting deadlines

Missed appointments are not only expensive, but can lead to legal consequences. Avrios ensures that all deadlines are met. Tasks, such as driver's license checks or tyre changes can be passed on to drivers and their completion can be tracked in avrios.

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Cost transparency

Total transparency over your mobility costs. Our technology automatically reads invoices in any given format. All costs are allocated to the vehicle on an item level. In this way, you have an accurate total cost of ownership for each vehicle in your fleet. This makes it effortless to discover outliers and optimize the fleet costs. 

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Current mileage

You can easily evaluate whether your employee is using the right mobility offer. The mileage readings are automatically taken from invoices and assigned to the respective vehicle. Our algorithms ensure data accuracy - all mileage readings are checked for any anomalies.

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All contracts in one place

Our document and contract management supports all types of vehicle financing. All documents are stored and digitized in a clean and structured way on the platform. In this way, contract conditions can be understood in the shortest possible time. For an optimized purchase, the financing conditions can be compared with each other within the fleet management software.

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Fleet Management Software with improved driver safety

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Fleet Management Software with improved driver safety

Easy damage management

Avrios enables you to deal with damages quickly and in a structured manner, thus saving costs for replacement vehicles. For the necessary transparency and clarity in claims processing, all information and invoices are clearly assigned to the claim. This creates a claim and insurance status that immediately tell you whether the vehicle has been repaired and the insured event has been completed.

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Root-cause analysis

In order to guarantee the safety and mobility of your employees, damage must be reduced in the long term. For this purpose, Avrios prepares the important data for a meaningful damage analysis. You can see at a glance how your losses are made up and who is to blame. In this way, it is possible to read out samples from your damage, which you can avoid in the future by means of targeted measures.

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Automated loss analysis

Based on the results of your loss analysis, you can take action to minimise your loss ratio. With Avrios, you can easily track your progress. This results in higher employee satisfaction and lower costs for claims and insurance.

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Make informed decisions

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Make informed decisions

Evaluating mobility concepts

Avrios provides you with the ideal evaluation basis for making data-driven decisions about new mobility concepts such as electric vehicles or shared mobility. You know exactly what you spend per vehicle on your mobility by the value of total cost/mileage. You can use this value to easily compare offers from other providers.

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Checking the mobility mix

The answer to the question of whether you have chosen the right mobility mix lies in the data on user behaviour. With Avrios you can see how many kilometres each vehicle and each driver covers. For example, if pool vehicles are rarely used to capacity, the idea of short-term hire or shared mobility is worthwhile.

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Benchmark your cost structures

As a platform, we can easily compare your cost structures with those of other organisations. The algorithms continuously run through your data, compare them and indicate cost and usage outliers. In combination with the usage data, you can clearly tell outliers whether it is due to the mobility mix, purchasing or users.

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Lower fleet management costs through transparency

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Lower fleet management costs through transparency

Reduce return costs

With Avrios, you can reduce return costs long before you return vehicles. If a vehicle threatens to run into the excess mileage area you will be alerted and have time to act. If the actual withdrawal is imminent, Avrios will inform you of the best practices of the respective financing type. With just a few clicks, costs per vehicle can be saved in the four-digit range.

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Learn from past experience

All vehicle life data is archived neatly and can be retrieved at any time. In the long term, you can monitor the total cost/mileage at the vehicle level, reduce the right measures and optimise your mobility strategy. We'll help you.

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Ready to take the next step?

Joint evaluation

Avrios is powering over 500 customers with fleets ranging from 20 - 2500+ vehicles. The fleet management software is designed to not only meet the challenges of managing corporate size mobility, but also excels in solving the challenges of managing small fleets.
It is critical to understand both the needs and challenges of each and every one of these clients. The best way to identify if we can help you is to have a quick chat or if you have more time, a longer more detailed call.

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