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We help people move seamlessly. A motivated team from more than 20 different countries makes mobility work for business.

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Andreas Brenner
Andreas Brenner

Founder & CEO

What we strive for

Industry leading expertise

With Avrios, you are not only relying on a single platform, but on a community of more than 600 fleet managers who are in daily contact with us and each other. 

Together with our data science team, we are able to classify experiences and distinguish facts from gut feelings providing you with the latest expertise on fleet management. 

Are you paying too much for your leasing contracts or insurances? Find out with our benchmarking tool.

Our unique data set combined with the knowledge gained through decades of our customers' fleet management experience enables us to provide you with competent, neutral and fact-based advice. If we don't know a solution to a problem, we have access to the experts who can help you.

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Roger Jaggi
Roger Jäggi

Founder & CTO

We develop


Crucial for the development of a good service is the focus on the reality of the users. Really good solutions for real problems need a deep understanding of the matter. That's why we invest a large part of our developers' time training in mobility management as well as in support.

We promise

Clear and simple software

When we see how our customers struggle with Car Configurators, online portals and huge Excel spreadsheets, we remember why we started working on Avrios. We wanted to help our customers to make tailor-made mobility easily accessible for everyone.

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Robin Guldener

Founder & CPO

Klaus & Andreas Brenner

Former Executive Board Brenner Group

We are


Avrios has transformed itself from a family-run firewood business in the 3rd generation to Europe's largest mobility platform. The decisive reason for this is that we know the user. For more than 40 years, Brenner has maintained a fleet of more than 100 vehicles - from pool vehicles to distribution vehicles and up to 40ton trucks of each vehicle.

We talk to you


Of course, we are proud of our software. What really pleases us most are satisfied and successful customers, who thank us personally for our service. Daily we receive thank-you messages via chat, postcards and sometimes 3kg jelly babies as a thank-you for the cooperation in our office.

In our opinion expertise and professionalism paired with a very personal service are the values of a good company today. Therefore, each of our customers has a personal contact person on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm via telephone, email or chat.

Img Eva
Eva Cremer

VP Customer Success

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