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​Introducing the cloud-based fleet management platform from Avrios​

Avrios is more than a fleet management software. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to automate operations and control your fleet from one single place.

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Integrating your data

Your integrated data platform

Avrios integrates data from multiple sources - including vehicle manufacturers, fuel card providers and leasing companies - so you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information available at your fingertips.

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Automating your processes

Your automated virtual assistant

Avrios uses innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate repetitive data entry tasks - like invoice and leasing document processing - saving you valuable time and ensuring accuracy.

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Optimising your fleet

Your personal optimisation plan

Avrios optimises your fleet operations by working collaboratively with you to configure the platform - based on your goals and objectives - and to develop a plan to save time, reduce costs and improve control.

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Streamlining your communications

Your real-time communications hub

Avrios streamlines communications - whether that is with suppliers, drivers or other stakeholders - making it easy to track important conversations, improve collaboration and implement best practices.

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Fuelling your decisions

Your dependable insights report

Avrios consolidates reporting and analytics to provide valuable insights you can really rely on - whether that is reviewing the entire fleet at a glance or drilling into the detail of your most costly drivers.

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Ensuring your success

Your expert support team

Avrios ensures your success by providing the expert support, unrivalled know-how and fast response to your needs to get the most out of the platform, optimise your fleet and meet your team's goals and objectives.

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