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Avrios provides a 360° visibility over all of your fleet assets and drivers.

All your fleet related information is at your fingertips structured on one easy-to-use platform.

Enjoy state-of-the-art features and automation designed to make fleet manager's life easy, such as:

✓ Save time through structured driver communication & task management
✓ Save costs with automated cost outlier monitoring, TCO analysis & structured procurement with multi-bidding 
✓ Consolidated overview on all fleet data with automated reporting

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Main features

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Main features


  • Detailed and clear overview of the whole fleet
    • All master data for each vehicle at your fingertips
  • Digital damage reports
    • Structured way to process and monitor damage reports
  • Reporting
    • Create fully customizable reports effortlessly
  • CO2 report
    • Track every vehicle's CO2 emissions across your entire fleet
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  • Full cost overview
    • Understand your fleet's costs at a glance
  • Total cost per vehicle
    • Break down each element of a vehicle to a cost per mile
  • Discover cost outliers
    • Quickly compare and optimize your fleet costs against other vehicles
  • Analyze fuel costs
    • Compare suppliers and analyze fuel cost trends
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  • Structured procurement of vehicles
    • Direct communication with suppliers: request and compare offers in a structured manner
  • Driving licence checks
    • Schedule all driving license and documentation checkups
  • Stay on top of your schedule
    • Automatic reminders for upcoming appointments and tasks
  • Archive vehicles
    • Archive decommissioned vehicles, including all documentation
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  • Automated data import
    • All your master and cost data are automatically uploaded into Avrios
  • Automated appointments
    • Automatic reminders and tasks based on vehicle mileage or timespan
  • Automated driver communication
    • Remind drivers about important appointments with automated messages
  • Automatic cost analysis
    • All cost data is continuously checked for gaps and outliers
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