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Known from:

Up to 75% time savings and 25% lower total costs across your fleet

Keep your fleet under control

Avrios is a networked vehicle fleet platform that provides a clear and structured overview of the entire lifecycle of your vehicles, allowing you to keep your fleet legally compliant and cost optimised.

Alleviation of daily admin tasks

Direct data transfer from your suppliers, along with automatic driver communication and vehicle life cycle monitoring frees up your time to spend on higher priority tasks.

Identify and realise improvement potential

Our algorithms check your data around the clock for irregularities, pointing you towards cost outliers identifying costs prior to them being spent.


Our database is certified according to the following standards

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ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 27017
ISO 27018

What our customers say:

“I've never seen such good software. I have everything I need. It shows exactly what matters.”

Thomas Wagenknecht, webesan GmbH

“At first we looked for the catch in the contract, as it seemes too good to be true. After using the software for 4 months we have come to the conclusion that this is the future of fleet administration.”

Frank Schmid, AL-KO Therm GmbH

“The level of service delivered by Avrios is comparable to the service delivered with a full service leasing provider.”

Jonathan Riegel, Kasto Maschinenbau

“Thanks to the modern design and simple to use features, we immediately felt comfortable using the software.”

Sascha Fligge, DLG

“Through Avrios we are able to keep our administration tasks in check and quickly handle our responsibilities”

Lina Baumann, SLK Vertriebsgesellschaft

“From our due diligence, we know that customers immediately understand the user-friendly software and thus achieve efficiency gains, such as fuel savings, after just a few months.”

Simone Riedel Riley, Technology Fund

“I’m positively overwhelmed - the TCO calculation in Avrios is exact to the last digit when comparing to our cost calculation.”

Hanjo Hönke, Landkreis Spree-Neiße

Why choose Avrios?


Fleet Manager

  • Automatic data input and automated driver communication
  • Clear data views and uncomplicated data access for multiple users
  • Access your data anywhere (using phone, laptop or tablet)


Decision Maker

  • Sustainable process and vehicle cost reduction
  • Structured fleet management according to recognised industry best practice
  • Eliminate legal liability

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For professionals by professionals

How do you transform a small family run firewood firm into the largest fleet management platform in the German-speaking market? In this detailed father-son double interview conducted with Avrios instigator Klaus Brenner and Avrios Managing Director Andreas Brenner, you will get to know the roots of Avrios and the values passed from grandfather and founder of the company Brenner onto three generations of entrepreneurs.

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