Practical manual for cost management in the vehicle fleet

Learn how you can save up to 25% of your fleet costs

The practical handbook “Cost Management in the Vehicle Fleet” is aimed at business, purchasing and vehicle fleet managers and all other decision-makers who bear responsibility for costs in the vehicle fleet. Fleets are the biggest driver of indirect costs in most companies – 100 vehicles cost about 1 million Euro per year. However, in consulting more than 600 vehicle fleets, we made the experience that these costs can be reduced by an average of 10% with simple measures. (Please note: this guide is in German)

21 praxiserprobte Maßnahmen, um Ihre Fuhrparkkosten zu reduzieren

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Praxishandbuch Fuhrpark- und Mobilitätsmanagement

Fleet and Mobility Management Practical Handbook

You receive directly applicable tips on all areas of fleet & mobility management

The practical handbook “Fleet and Mobility Management 2018” is suitable for both beginners and experts. You will learn step by step how to handle all tasks in fleet and mobility management (from procurement and operation to the decommissioning of vehicles) professionally and legally compliant without much effort. In addition to direct and easy to implement instructions for action and checklists, you will receive practical tips to save costs and time. (Please note: this guide is in German)

Practical guide to owner liability in the company vehicle fleet

You expect tried and tested templates for easy implementation of all owner obligations in the vehicle fleet

In this book we deal with the tasks and pitfalls lurking in corporate management and fleet management in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. After reading it, you will know everything you need to know to manage your fleet in accordance with the law. From driver’s license checks, vehicle UVV, driver instruction according to UVV to condition checks and delegation of the owner’s duties – we provide you with all the necessary templates so that you can start directly with the implementation. (Please note: this guide is in German)

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