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Our electric driver licence checking solution helps to streamline strict regulatory compliance processes and reduce risk exposure.

Reduce your workload

According to the law in Germany, every company with a fleet of vehicles must check the validity of their employees’ driving licences on a regular basis. And the task of coordinating and executing these checks generally falls to the fleet manager – adding an administrative burden to an already heavy workload. With our driving licence control solution, drivers are automatically reminded of upcoming checks and are able to complete them remotely online – saving you time and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Ensure compliance

Conducting all these driving licence checks can be legally tricky as well as time consuming. That’s why we built the Avrios platform to ensure that the right steps are always followed and that you remain fully compliant. More importantly, with our GDPR compliant cloud-based solution, you will be kept up to date with the most recent legal framework – automatically.

Streamline your processess

Driving licence checks can be a burdensome process for drivers too. Traditionally, these checks have been done on paper – or more recently with RFID chips – but as drivers need to be physically present for the check to take place, a lot of time is wasted travelling between locations. With Avrios, drivers can execute their own checks remotely through their mobile phone – without even needing to install an app like other less advanced systems.

Most popular features

Automated reminders

With Avrios, it couldn’t be simpler. As soon as you register a new driver, we automatically generate reminders for all required licence checks. And when a check falls due, we send the driver an email or text message with everything they need to execute the check remotely on their smartphone or computer. Regular reminders are sent to the driver until they complete the required task – and the fleet manager is kept fully up to date with any missed appointments or deadlines.

Ensure checks are completed on time

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Always meet your regulatory obligations

Reporting function

Avrios equips fleet managers with a powerful compliance dashboard giving them complete control over their regulatory obligations and minimising their exposure to risk. As required by the law, once a driver executes the licence check, our system automatically flags the task as completed and a historic record is saved. With Avrios, fleet managers can easily keep track of the status of all compliance tasks and intervene where necessary to ensure their regulatory duties are always met.

Mobile solution

With Avrios, drivers and their managers can use the camera on their mobile phone to conduct the driving licence check quickly and easily. As our solution is web-based, it will work perfectly on any mobile phone or tablet device without the need to install an additional app.



Create a single driver data repository

Complete system

Avrios is a comprehensive Fleet Management Platform so the driving licence check module integrates seamlessly with all the other functions. That means all driver data is stored and managed in one single system. You can even integrate your HR system to create a central repository of all driver data.

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Do you want to learn more about compliance in fleet management?

In this e-Book, we deal clearly and easily understand the tasks and pitfalls lurking on corporate management and fleet management. After reading, you will know everything you need to run your vehicle fleet in accordance with the law.  From driver’s license check, to vehicle accident prevention regulations, to driver training according to accident prevention regulations, to state control and delegation of holder duties – we provide you with all the necessary templates so that you can start implementing them directly. 

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Driving licence control is prescribed by law as one of the duties of the holder in accordance with § 21 (StVG). Not doing so may result in civil and criminal penalties for the business- and fleet manager.  You can find more information on owner liability here.

As the owner of the vehicles, the management is responsible for the driving licence control. The management can delegate control and liability obligations to the fleet manager, who then become responsible. However, even in case of delegation of the holder’s duties, the management must ensure that the employee executes his work carefully and that remains liable for the driving licence control.

No, you don’t need any specific device. Your employees don’t need to install an app either. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet.

We provide our German customers with forgery-proof hologram stickers for free. These must be stuck on the driving licence. It can’t be transferred – the seal breaks when you try to remove it and it can’t be reused. If it is applied correctly, this is permitted. Please note that this is not allowed in Austria.

The price is based on the number of active drivers. We are happy to provide you with more detailed information about prices and discounts in a non-binding discussion.

No, even if the driving licence control is directly integrated into the Avrios platform, it also work as an independent function. We would be happy to discuss with you whether an integration makes sense for your organisation. 

Yes, the fleet manager or another person in charge can run the driving licence check in Avrios for these drivers. 

Avrios was depeloped in respect to data privacy.

In Austria, the law states that it should be checked on a regular basis (cf. e.g. BfP Article). We recommend to perform the driving licence control at least once a year.

In Austria the driving licence is an identity document and cannot be distorted. Therefore no RFID chip can be stuck on it. Avrios works without a chip and complies with Austrian regulations. 

The law in Switzerland is similar to the one in Austria (see e.g. NZZ on fleet law). Fleet managers are fined if a driver drives without an identity card and the company doesn’t apply clear regulations and control on it. Serious consequences usually arise only when damages occur. Such cases are still rare. However, in Swiss legal practice there are cases in which the personal liability of fleet managers was fairly negotiated in the event of damage due to a lack of driving licence control.

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