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Simply the future of fleet management software

As new modes of transport evolve and new mobility concepts mature, we will continue to ensure that Avrios remains the only platform our customers ever need

Ambitious vision

Avrios is pioneering the future of fleet management and mobility management software. It is our profound recognition that transportation is changing, our deep understanding of the challenges faced by fleet managers today and our unrivalled ability to harness the latest advancements in digital technology that allows us to create the next-generation of fleet management software.

Dedicated management team

Our young, ambitious and fearless management team set out on a mission to create the world’s most technologically advanced and future-focused fleet management platform.  And as fleet management slowly gives way to mobility management, our platform will continue to keep up with our customers’ needs – we will be with them every step of the way.

True industry experts

Above all things, it is our expertise that really set us apart from the rest. It is our expertise that ensures our customers’ success. We bring together advanced technology and unrivalled experience to help our customers run the best fleet management operations they can. 

  • Heritage is our strength
  • Power through community
  • Leading-edge technology
  • User-centred design

Fun work environment

At Avrios, you will find an exceptionally committed team that has loads of fun along the way. We’re growing fast and disrupting an old industry with our innovative new technology platform. If you are any of these things, why not come and join us in beautiful Zurich!

  • Eager to learn
  • Driven for success
  • Keen for an adventure
  • Want to make an impact


Customer Success

We are a team of problem solvers, educators and experts. We know all our customers on a first name basis and help them to be successful with Avrios. Our team discovers and implements technical solutions, provides world-class support and works closely with the Product team to ensure our platform meets the needs of our customers – both today and in the future.


Our job is to drive amazing growth through all our digital marketing and social media channels. We also meet with the world’s biggest companies at industry events, create powerful content to help our customers succeed and support our sales team by providing collateral that really hits the spot. We track, optimize and iterate – supporting customer acquisition, brand awareness and revenue growth.


Our team of developers is always working on a range of exciting technical and business-related projects. Working in engineering at Avrios means lots of things. It means having room to take ownership, the opportunity to continuously learn new things and the joy of seeing the results of your work being used by ‘real’ people.


The Operations team is the backbone of the organisation. We provide the tools, processes, expertise and support the rest of the company relies on to do their best work and to power our rapid business growth. Put simply, we take care of the financials, provide legal advice and find new people to join the amazing Avrios workforce.


The future lies in the hands of the Product team. We own the product roadmap and run the development process that ensures new and exciting features are continually added to our platform. We’re a team of dedicated product managers, designers and analysts but ultimately, we are responsible for building a product that our customers absolutely love.


Welcome to Sales. We help our customers to successfully transform their fleet management and mobility management operations. We are their trusted advisors and enablers of change. Working with some of the biggest businesses in the world, our passion, work ethic, commitment and professionalism is the engine that drives our company’s rapid growth.

Life at avrios

Immerse yourself in a demanding and fun environment

Working at Avrios means you will immerse yourself in an exceptionally demanding environment where the reward for smarts and hard work is a steep learning curve, career acceleration, committed teams and loads of fun events. We’re an open-minded, humble and honest group of people from over 23 countries – all based here in beautiful Zurich.


We have a number of exciting jobs available today


The application process at Avrios usually consists of one phone call with a recruiter, one with the hiring manager and half a day of interviews at our office. However, the process can vary per position.

Customise and keep it relevant. The chances are not all your experiences are relevant for the job you are applying for. Does it make sense to list your MS Office skills when you know the company uses Google Suite?

Design matters. Your CV is the first thing we see so spend some time on the visuals. But don’t let this distract from the content. While pie-charts can be beautiful and mouth-watering there might be more effective ways to show off your skillset.

As a rule of thumb, we try to make an offer within 3 weeks after applying.
Make sure you are comfortable talking about previous professional and personal experiences. Pro-tip: do some research on the people you will meet so you can prepare some questions for them as well.

There is no dress code at Avrios for employees and guests so wear whatever you feel is appropriate and makes you comfortable. Interviews are stressful enough without wondering if your tie matches your socks.

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